Art Senze

Business Address

Riversound Residence, 3 Sengkang East Avenue, #12-12, Singapore 544813

Available Courses


Drawing/ Sketching

Watercolor Painting

Acrylic Painting

Chinese Painting

Basic Chinese Calligraphy

Clay Modeling

Corporate Classes





Art Senze was established with the mission to provide individualized art training for students, and create the ideal art environment for children to enjoy and produce the art that they love.

At Art Senze, we understand that every child is different and subscribe to the belief that each has his/her learning pace. We therefore endeavour to impart lessons to each individual child based on his/her ability whilst allowing him/her to advance on his/her own terms; as such this ensures maximum benefit is reaped from our art programs. The children are also more likely to attain a better appreciation of all aspects and techniques employed during the process of creating their artwork, which thus translates to efficient acquisitions of the various know-how.