The tuition industry is supported by parentocracy.

A netizen known as Sushi88 feels the Ministry of Education (MOE) is walking the talk of trying to reduce over-reliance on private tuition, though she notes with a tinge of dismay in a parenting forum that somehow the general public is still not sufficiently placated:

" The tuition industry is supported by parentocracy. What I see is that MOE has started recalibrating standards of PSLE questions to more appropriate levels possibly in a bid to lessen the need for children to attend numerous tuition classes . Yet parents still continue burning $$ and time altogether when the time could have been used for some good outdoor activities. It is hard to control what parents do with their kids, after all the kids are theirs.

MOE has done the following to reduce stress (not sure if all are good though) for the children. Then again, maybe they are doing all these because of the upcoming General Elections...(haha)

1. Opening more MOE kindergartens

2. Making changes to the Primary 1 registration rules

3. Modifying Gifted Education Program (GEP) Direct School Admission (DSA) rules

4. Reducing difficulty of PSLE questions

5. Cease publishing all information related to academic results (from P1-P6) in schools; average scores included

6. Cease publishing names and scores of top PSLE performers

7. Scrapping the PSLE T-score system

8. Classifying secondary schools according to niche areas in place of academic banding

9. Revamping the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) to make it less competitive

10. Conducting the NAPFA test once every two years instead of annually

11. Reconsideration of CCAs which previously subscribed only to the notion of competition to include recreational pursuits

and more....

Many changes are already happening to help the kids..yet the SAME lament never diminishes.... Something wrong right? The Primary 1 registration process has been tweaked quite a bit but people still remain largely unhappy ..... goodness... I am beginning to sense unless the rules are changed to suit each and every individual (which of course can NEVER happen), the discussion is fated to last an eternity even without the introduction of new planning parameters. Amazing....."


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 25 July 2015


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