Worried about my credentials paling in comparison against those of highly qualified tutors featured on Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts

An tutor wrote to us recently expressing his concerns about applying to list on our portal:

"I've gone through your website and it's obvious you have collected a list of really credible tutors. Most if not all of them have Master's degrees and more. I'm only a local university undergraduate with a Bachelor's degree, so I am quite concerned as to how a parent would view me when pitted against these extremely qualified individuals."

Below was my response to him:

"Whilst academic qualifications are definitely important, what is of even greater paramount a concern is one's teaching ability. Each tutor listed on our portal has his/her own strengths and pet area(s) of expertise, as such you should not feel too inclined to make comparisons and feel unnecessarily "intimidated". In the end, it's really just about yourself, about whether you can tutor well and truly deliver results. Do spend some time mulling over things, and I hope you will apply to list with us shortly."

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 29 May 2015