Raffles Education Corp Director Lists Multiple Fake Degrees On CV

Netizens are continuing to dig up people with questionable degrees following the scandal at IDA where a worker was found to have a fake MBA degree and IDA, instead of taking action, defended the staff member.

Now, Netizens have dug up this "Dr" Terence Seet living and working in Singapore. Almost all of his degrees are from known and reported degree mills, yet he was still able to work as a Director at Raffles Education Corporation:

Terence Seet's LinkedIn Page

Templeton University is a degree mill.

Next, Sree Raghavendra Research Foundation University where he did his MBA is ALSO a fake university. It is clearly listed as a fake university in India.

Lastly, his phD from Open International University is a sham degree too. Open International University is also a known degree mill. And can you believe it? He earned his phD in just a year!

He even posted photos of his phD on Facebook:

How on earth did a person with a whole string of fake qualifications get a job in Singapore?

What is MOM doing? I urge MOM and the Minister in charge to come clean.

He even had a photo with former President SR Nathan:

This is how lousy the system is. Even a former President of Singapore can't detect a fake degree holder even when he was right in front of him. Terence Seet was also involved when a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Singapore and India. A photo album was previously posted on Facebook, but has since been removed. Thankfully a screenshot was captured:

Click on above image for an enlarged view

This Director of Raffles Education Corporation with the fake degrees, "Dr" Terence Seet, has represented Singapore in India at major events! Is that not a disgrace?

Screenshot of Youtube video, which has since been removed.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of The Real Singapore.


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