Presbyterian High Vice Principal Also Scolded Students Over Fund-raising

By M.Tan

I may get in trouble for this but I believe that the truth should be revealed as I firmly believe in freedom of speech and the fact that justice prevails.

I am a student from Presbyterian High School. Recently during Friday assembly, there has been a stir of emotions. Our school has had a Jogathon donation drive for a few years now.

In the previous years, as mentioned by our new vice principal Mr Loh, the donations went to the school for various CCAs etc. but this year it went to charity, he even said that last year, there was a certain amount you had to accumulate if not, they wouldn't accept your donation card.

I admit that it was for a good cause but he took it over the line. Firstly, during our fortnightly assembly, we reviewed the amount we have collected. My class donated the least amount of money, 41 people netting an amount of S$186.

I personally do believe in giving to the less fortunate and understand the efforts of the vice principal. He aimed for a target of $50,000 but we managed to only accumulate an amount of approximately $35,000.

However, instead of telling us why we should put in more effort and putting the message across amicably, we were called, and I directly quote "pathetic". He told us that our efforts weren't good enough and that we should put in more effort, but after he said that we were pathetic, he asked us (the school) if we could do it where we responded with a resounding " No."

I admit it was rude but he put us down first. At least he was smart enough to escort the guests out before he started his lecture.

Donations are voluntary and there should be no pressure in donating whatsoever. After assembly, the discipline master, Mr Tan held us back and ordered us to draft an apology letter to him. Obviously we would've wrote the apology letter but it would not be sincere and would be just sugarcoating and giving Mr Loh an illusion, feeding his self-esteem and condoning his authoritative personality.

Dear Readers, I know that our initial negative response to him was perhaps intolerably crude and imprudent, however, lecturing the students on their inability to donate money to attain his desired amount?

I was taught from young that donations were voluntary and up till now, it has proven true... however this type of behaviour from our vice principal has gotten me to seriously question things.

This experience has been an eye opener as to what the world is like, abuse of authority and double standards. Mr Loh also did wrong yet we're the only ones apologising.

I believe that respect is not demanded but earned, he hasn't earned even a single bit of my respect. Yes, do what is right and not popular but what he is doing is neither right or popular.

Editor's Note: An earlier incident involving the principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Barker) using pressure tactics on students to increase ticket sales for a fund-raising carnival happened in early April 2015.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of The Real Singapore.


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