The Young Scientists Reader The Young Scientists Reader

Young Scientists Reader aims to promote the learning of Science among school children using exciting and engaging methods because it is getting ever more challenging to attract the focus of the younger generation of children in order for them to learn and retain the necessary information to excel in their Science studies.

An innovative medium to deliver syllabus-based Science information that captivates the attention of school children is through the use of a comic-based magazine with stories and topics centred on a Lower Block or Upper Block Science subject. It is through the guiding principles of this medium that the Young Scientists magazine is borne.

Young Scientists Reader strives to continuously work towards improving and maintaining the quality of the content so that your child will enjoy and benefit from the Young Scientists magazine. (Site Excerpt)

Outreach Lesson Outreach Lesson

The businesses of Outreach are built around its proprietary Outreach Lesson platform. Currently there are five divisions in Outreach, with one division looking after each of the following sectors.

1. Online professional and adult enrichment programs

2. Online school enrichment program

3. Application service provider in learning management and course delivery

4. Open Source Competency Certification Consultancy

5. Book Alive Publication (Site Excerpt)

Junior Explorers Junior Explorers

Our mission is rooted in the belief that you only protect something that you love and you can only love things you are connected to. From this belief, Junior Explorers was developed as a program to develop kids’ understanding of our planet, its ecosystems and species through fun and interactive missions. We built a program which is truly experiential, is both tactile and digital, and meant for kids to learn while having fun. Junior Explorers is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards. (Site Excerpt)