Ridiculous Tuition-Related Web Advertisements 2

Yes this is part 2. People continue churning out shit, we gotta continue advising the public to stay away. Remember, hire crap, expect crap. End of story.

Ad Fail 1

Surely a Mathematics tutor is capable of decent spelling?

Ad Fail 2

One of the crappiest, bullshitting FAQ I have seen thus far by a tuition agency.

So passion and strong grasp of subject matter alone can save the day? Parents are willing to settle pretty much for anyone, even the extremely inexperienced ones you say?

NONSENSE. In the name of making profits, you would bait just about anybody.

Ad Fail 3

Would you dare to hire this Chinese 'tutor' with completely no experience? (Coaching siblings count for nothing)

Ad Fail 4

Is this a threat? What kind of tuition agency would resort to such low-level manipulation of desires? Probably the kind with no sense of decency and respect whatsoever for hiring parents/students.

Ad Fail 5

This girl is oblivious to the plural of things:

1. A Level result (results)

2. gotten A (As)

3. tutee (s missing once again, unless of course you are really only looking to coach one individual-pity the unfortunate soul)

In addition, you revealed scores for every subject save for the one you plan to teach.

I expected much more from a Rafflesian.

Ad Fail 6

The classic example of a tuition agent so desperate, he is willing to lowball just about anyone. Playing the "financially poorer parent willing to settle for much lesser, maybe even trash" card. When the tutoring engagement is finalized, why do we get the feeling this chap will go poof without a trace?