"National Education Tour" is just a brainwashing exercise

By Muhd Al

I was with my fiancee at Toa Payoh HDB Hub today waiting for my turn to see the sales representative for my flat matters.

While waiting, I saw groups of young children walking around doing an activity. It turned out they were there on a national education tour to learn more about Singapore and its history.

Although I didn't pay too much attention, my ears suddenly caught wind of the following rubbish. One tour guide, while pointing to a board showing the many HDB estates in Singapore said that Singapore would still be a sleepy fishing village if the PAP and the HDB did not exist.

I am shocked, are we still telling our young that the country could not have survived without the aid of one old tyrant and the PAP? It's as if all the debate about the country's history and the other men and women that made Singapore possible over the past few years went completely down the drain.

In fact, are we so sure that Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) built modern Singapore? After all, if he had not played up that conflict with Malaysia in our early years, we might have remained a part of Malaysia and become a much more successful place than before with the help of a Malaysian hinterland. Or what of his crazy idea to pump in so much funds into our Singapore Armed Forces which ended up forcing our neighbours into a military arms race and threatening the peace in ASEAN?

Let's not forget some of LKY's hare brained population policies, where he told parents to stop giving birth after 2 children. Look where we are now? 1.2 TFR and we're just barely making enough to replicate ourselves! I'm talking about true blue locals by the way, not those foreigners the PAP is importing to replace us.

Even if you argue that LKY's party did lay the ground for modern Singapore, does that make us all indebted to him and his party now? We need to have minds of our own, and that means making the right choice this coming election.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of The Real Singapore.


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