Our children's future-a reality check

By Fed Up Parent

As a parent, do you and your children enjoy the relentless pressure to attend the expensive and exhaustive enrichment and CCA classes from kindergarten to PSLE to the 'O' or the 'A' levels, just to keep up with the MOE engineered education system and then ultimately having to fight with foreigners to secure a place in your own country’s university, a university that you helped to build, failing which, you will have to send your children overseas?

In any cohort year, less than 5% will be invited to the realm of elite exclusivity and entitlement, a divine class above all. On the surface, the meritocracy system is well defined, and therefore the 5% is deservedly entitled. In reality however, nothing is further from the truth because the 5% selection has been pre decided based on connections to the ruling elite or super rich, and then perhaps a few ‘commoners’ are randomly picked to join this exclusive group to demonstrate the so-called ‘meritocracy of the system’.

Side note : Notice the intricate web of fathers, mothers, uncles, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, in laws, cousins, nephews, nieces who are directly or indirectly connected into the government apparatus in privileged positions earning huge salaries funded by taxpayers.

Assuming you are the left over 95% and have the means to support your child’s undergraduate studies. On your child’s graduation, he/she will have to face a highly prejudiced system that works against Singaporeans, and compete for jobs with hundreds of thousands of cheap foreigners with credentials from unknown and unheard of universities.

Even then, if your children are fortunate enough to secure a job, their salaries will be depressed against the benchmark of third world country standards, and further have their career aspirations limited and stagnated by the diabolical and perverted elitist doctrine of GDP growth through citizenry marginalization.

•Open the immigration floodgates and naturally, consumption, government revenues like worker levies, GST, taxes will increase GDP.

•With constant inflow of cheap labor from third world country, naturally wages will be depressed thereby making Singapore a cheap labor source to support the economy, majority of such benefits going to GLCs.

Over time, your child will need to buy a house, start a family and bear you grandchildren. This however represents a big financial risk because over time, the cumulative salary increment will make your child become increasingly expensive, and as long as there are cheaper alternatives readily available, replacement is inevitable. Do you want your children to be constantly burdened by the threat of work discrimination and unqualified job redundancy with no labor law protection and legal recourse. This is already a reality today because there are more than 100K of PMETS aged 35 and above that are unemployed or under-employed.

Marginalization of 95% of Singaporeans, both old and new, will pervade through generations, perpetuating a lifecycle of mediocrity. Even the current bootlickers of the elites will suffer eventually because the system works naturally against all who are not in the exclusive 5%.

You may think the above scenario is not realistic because it will degrade Singapore to third world stature. Think again. The comparative global indices readily available on the net like gini coefficient, freedom of speech, freedom of press, social happiness, are already indicating that Singapore is well on its way to the bottom.

Is this the Singapore for you? Think about it.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of The Real Singapore.


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