Mixed Feelings Amongst Singaporean Youths

A recent survey has shown that Singaporean youths have a stronger inclination to their community but also have higher stress levels.

It’s a competitive society and it’s no less in Singapore. Each generation constantly pushes to surpass those that have come before them and it has show in a recent survey. Slight shifts have been noticed in the survey including how youths feel about their communities, the amount of stress they’re under and national pride.

The national survey polled 2,843 Singaporeans between the ages of 15 to 34. Most impressive in the survey was the humane aspect of youths in our society with every two out of three involved in some form of social community and with aspirations to help the poor and needy. Majority of the poll counted helping the less fortunate as a goal in life as well as wanting to give back to their community.

Albeit the altruism, there’s a staggering rise in stress levels as compared to previous polls. The added pressure could perhaps be attributed to rising costs of living or steeper competition amongst peers. Holding true to our asian traditional values, family ties are an important aspect to the polled youths, with a big majority believing in providing care for elderly parents regardless of circumstances.

Majority of the poll however place career and stability above getting married and having children, which has been a concern to the Singaporean government. The government has constantly encouraged more Singaporeans to settle down and have more children to curb with the aging population, a problem faced in bustling cities such as Singapore and Japan.

This article first appeared on Five Stars And A Moon. It is reproduced with permission.


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