Not getting into a local university is not the end of the world

What happens when a child is unable to pursue further studies in a local university (taken to mean NUS, NTU, SMU or SUTD) because of poor results obtained for his/her post secondary education, and as a result decides to give up studying altogether? This was a hypothetical question posed in a forum, and a netizen who goes by the online moniker havok_ex offers his two cents:

" If a student has completed his diploma or A levels, he/she is probably no longer a 'kid' anymore and should be responsible for his/her own decisions.

If he/she decides to call it quits, well, maybe there are other options out there that may suit him/her better. If he/she was previously from a polytechnic, he/she could start working and see what he/she wants to do in life. Even if he/she has completed just the A-levels, heading out into the working society also isn't an issue. Fyi I had a few guy friends who flunked their A-levels. Some chose the brave option of signing on within the Army/SCDF to take some time off studying. Two of them eventually qualified for NTU's part-time engineering degree and the rest are either waiting to enter part-time courses at UniSIM or are already enrolled.

Not wanting to study for awhile might not be a totally bad thing for a person. Sometimes, we just need to plan a little better.

1. Find out what you really want to do in life. A real passion. Getting rich and/or getting married is not a passion, it is a desire.

2. Plan it out: what are the different routes of getting there? Can you afford it?

3. Go and do it.

Not getting into local university is not the end of the world. It is hard to get in, its meant to be hard, that's how we know that these institutions are of great quality. Just because you're not smart enough for it doesn't mean you are stupid. You might need to take a longer route. Maybe do your A-levels twice or even three times."


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 26 November 2014


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