Students should stop studying in cafes!

By S.A

I am writing to all you students explaining why it is not okay to study in Starbucks or Coffee Bean. The two most popular coffee chains in Singapore, as we all know.

I will not bother to type them in point form so, follow me as I rant out my frustrations and I pretty much know they are undeniable. Argue and disagree with me all you want, but it will not change the fact that students are the most annoying customers you can ever get.

Just because you are a paying customer does not necessarily mean you are entitled to a table for hours. I appreciate you being assiduous in your studies but do it at the right places. No, there is no wrong to study if you’re buying a drink or two every few hours but do take note that you are NOT the only customer. Snap out of your oblivious world. We have the non-extended customers, searching for seats, asking the baristas for help, just to have a nice warm cup of coffee and there you are, just … studying. Urgh!

It sure as hell does not take a lot of effort to be considerate towards other paying customers. Studying in cafes will not only disrupt the business itself but will also affect the baristas on duty. Why? That is one good question. Baristas, they are the ones who have to deal with complains every single day. As if their work load isn’t tiring enough? Come on!

There are libraries, study corners at void decks and school especially, where you can study and hog the table all you want and no one gives a hoot about it. Maybe if you put your mind in bringing your grades up rather than being those typical teenagers studying in the café just because everyone else is, you wouldn’t mind the environment at all. Then again, this does not apply to every student but if the shoe fits, you can keep it. I know students who study in the cafe almost every day but still couldn’t get their grades up. Why? Distractions. Why? Friends. Why? The ‘chill’ environment. *face palm*

You think baristas have it easy having to deal with students during business peak hours? NO. I travel a lot and I don’t see such problems elsewhere. Such a pity what our country is becoming. It’s all about education and qualification, isn’t it?

I think it is completely reasonable when the barista ask you to move out or share tables, whatever. They have to go through all the trouble just to satisfy the non-extended users. Think about it. But there you are giving your long pathetic faces, rolling your eyes as if you own the café. Pfts.

Let me tell you this, you can go ahead and write negative feedbacks regarding these baristas but do realise that they are running a business, and they damn well are doing their job to keep it running.

I have seen hard-headed students arguing with baristas and let me highlight this, CUSTOMERS ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. At the end of the argument, the barista wins. Aha. So for those of you who still believe in the term ‘customers are always right’, laugh out loud… screw you. These baristas know what they are doing and by retaliating, you make the problem bigger. Not him or her. YOU.

If your father has a significant stake in the business, then sure you may have the whole café to yourself.

So you made friends with the baristas, good for you. I still see you having no right in conquering the table just all for yourself.

“This place is like a library!”

“Why are there always students studying here?”

“Can you please do something about the students?”

“I’ve been trying to search for seats but they are taken by students, everywhere.”

Students. Students. Students. Students! You are the main cause of it all. I cannot stress how much this issue frustrates me and every other non-extended user.

So take some time to dig out a little bit of consideration out of your life and stop being selfish. Thank you.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of The Real Singapore.


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