A response to the rant about studying in cafes

As an irate member of the public's complaints about students studying in cafes makes its rounds on the internet, Facebook user Haziq Evan Rose cites a series of compelling push/pull factors which result in students flocking to the said areas to pore over their notes and books:

"Libraries are always full. People who suggest libraries clearly have never been to one recently. Plus, its filled with noisy rugrats. Library is conducive for studying? Judging based on the wrong era perhaps.

Void decks are dangerous. Quiet corners where anyone can observe you from afar and sneak up on you. Snatch thieves, flashers, molesters, rapists, hooligans. You get all kinds of funny f**kers over there. Not to mention no wifi. I would never suggest a student to hang around void decks, especially if you're hanging on to a phone or laptop, which is pretty much everyone...

And home is usually the absolute worst place to study. You get way too comfortable way too fast and your focus dulls at an exponential rate. It's just innate to have some minor distractions in the background. Complete silence in Singapore is just far too unnatural for the mind to handle unless you are one of the few loners that skulk around in the dark corners.

So to summarize, an enclosed area with wifi, air-conditioning and minor distractions. Plus snacks. If you're camping for hours, you gotta have easy access to food. I do believe everyone came to the same conclusion instinctively. It gets narrowed down to a very short list. It just makes sense. Considering those factors, what places aside from cafes and McDonalds meet the unspoken criteria?"

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 15 OCtober 2014


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