'Insider info' from a former HR officer working in a government statutory board

By Anonymous Contributor

I was once working in the HR department of a Statutory Board doing recruitment for various departments and levels. I have thus left because i was totally disgusted by the unfair treatment they have shown towards non-local degree holders and diploma holders.

I myself am a diploma holder, currently studying a part time overseas degree with a partner university institution in Singapore. I've once asked my supervisor whether is it possible for me to apply for an internal transfer to a degree level job upon graduation but he said, and I quote "you should know the answer since you're in HR." What do you think when he meant by saying this?

Well here's why:

Whenever I was doing shortlisting of CVs (degree level) for the respective departments, my supervisor will tell me to shortlist just the LOCAL GRADUATES. Even if there were very experienced ones coming from a non local university, they will be rejected automatically. Hell, we are even open to accepting local graduates with NO EXPERIENCE rather than a non-local graduate possessing VERY relevant prior working experience.

The only time when I was allowed to shortlist non local university graduates was when there really wasn't any more suitable local graduate candidates to review for the particular position. Even if they successfully snag the job, their given remuneration is TOTALLY different from the local grads. The sad thing is I've seen WAY MORE non local graduates who are much more competent in their work as compared to local graduates but they are still being left out from promotions and stuff. Coming from the exact same situation as the non local university graduates, how would you suppose I felt?

Another reason is the career progression rate. A degree holder get promoted as fast as a rocket, especially one who was a local university graduate. Diploma and secondary school certificate holders only need wait FOREVER in order to move up to the next level.

My company management always claim that degree holders are more competent in their work, which is why they prefer local graduates. But without the diploma and secondary school certificate holders, who's gonna do your support work? All they know is to use open mouths without putting in any real effort.

And this, is how unfair and bias our Civil Service has become. So don't believe all the bullshit they're dishing out.

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