Artique Studio Artique Studio

It all starts from your idea and story. Show us your travel photos, special events snapshots or even simple hobby pictures. Discuss with our designers your vision. We love to collaborate and make suggestions of what can be done.

Then we combine our efforts together by doing what we do best, design. After receiving your confirmation to proceed to print, you can now patiently wait for your perfect gift!(Site Excerpt)

U-Win U-Win

U-Win was set up with one purpose – to serve all of our clients with the utmost level of professionalism and dedication by going the extra mile. Getting the right solutions and products can be quite challenging for any businesses. With reliable systems and innovative solutions, our main goal is to bring your business to the next level.

We design and manufacture an extensive range of identification products of high quality. Our products are suitable for daily and promotional use. Our team will assist you in all possible way to help you personalized your item to your requirements. With our expertise, we assure that you will be able to maximize your returns with your investment. (Site Excerpt)

Inspire Crystal Inspire Crystal

• We have the technology of lasering 3D & 2D for any types of crystal.

• We are able to produce INSTANT 3D and 2D inner laser crystal.

• We are a one stop centre where we offer a whole range of products as well as services such as sandblasting, engraving, etching, surface laser, 2D & 3D inner laser.

• We are one of the only few that are able to inner laser up to the sizes of 100 cm x 80 cm.

• There are no minimum orders required and time is not a factor to us since we are the local manufacturer.

• We are one of the THE LEADING and BIGGEST LOCAL souvenir and gift manufacturers in Malaysia.

• On top of that, our entire crystal products come with exclusive gift boxes.

• We are a team of dedicated professional designers who help our customers in proposing new designs and ideas according to their needs.

• For our unique masterpieces, our machinery uses state-of-the-art of GREEN LIGHT LASER to meet customers’ promotional needs. (Site Excerpt)

Foto 88 Foto 88

Welcome to FOTO88, the Specialist in fully customized Business & Corporate Gifts. We will be most happy to offer suggestions based on your marketing and promotional plans and make everything come together in one cohesive package. From economical volume giveaways to customized exclusive gifts for VIPs – we have the gift for you!

Express Promotional Gifts can be ordered here for speedy turnaround within 5 working days* (*from approval of artwork). But even if it’s not in our web sites, chances are we’ll be able to find it on time and within your budget. Let us do the legwork for you – our sourcing team loves a challenge.

FOTO88’s unparalleled range of corporate gifts and merchandise is matched by top-notch service. From branded pens to exotic marketing aids, we’ll source your perfect promotion with minimum fuss – at the most competitive price. (Site Excerpt)

iGongZai iGongZai

iGongZai are custom-made figurines and are the latest gifts and collectibles craze in Asia. Using real pictures of yourself (or anyone you know), designers from iGongZai can make a caricature version of the person featured in the photo and then create a three-dimensional poly-resin figurine.

Since iGongZai figurines are made to order using your own photographs, each one is a unique creation and there will never be another one just like it. That makes iGongZai an excellent gift to give friends and family or even for yourself as part of a growing collection.

iGongZai figurines are also suitable for cool souvenirs and giveaways at special events and occasions like weddings, birthdays, office parties and the like. You can place your orders online via through our website. All our figurines can be delivered to you, making the process of getting a personalized gift item an easy and convenient task. (Site Excerpt)

Love SG Love SG

Love SG is about great-looking goods with Singapore-centric designs. We draw our inspiration from all things in our backyard which give our country its distinct identity, be it intriguing laws which may seem peculiar to outsiders, or local lingo which leaves foreigners scratching their heads.

Designed locally, LoveOVE SG incorporates a quirky part of Singapore into each product, blending local flavour with international appeal. We know you’d also appreciate the clever details and quality of our goods which represent our approach to the conventional idea of the ubiquitous souvenir: bold, cheeky and slightly surprising. (Site Excerpt)

Mighty Jaxx Mighty Jaxx

Based in Singapore and Shanghai, Mighty Jaxx is an award winning independent studio focusing on 3D design for art collectibles. Since our inception in 2012, we have produced 150+ designs and delivered thousands of products to collectors in over 50 countries. Our limited edition items are designed in collaboration with world renowned artists worldwide.

We work with a variety of international partners such as DC Comics, New Balance and Playboy to push the boundaries of the Designer and Art toys world, empowering new collectors with our range of exciting collectibles! (Site Excerpt)

Printvenue Printvenue

Welcome to Printvenue Singapore – Asia’s leading online portal for printing solutions and personalized gifting. We have an array of classy and sophisticated personalised products, ranging right from corporate stationery to the products ideal for gifting. You can easily grab hands on the coolest ever mobile and tech accessories, ultimate kitchen ware, embellishing home decor and other fun stuff to spice up your shopping list. We are always keen to take special care to cater to all your personal and corporate needs. If you are looking for that unparalleled customizing experience and seeking exclusivity then, Bulls eye! You have just hit on the right spot. (Site Excerpt)

The Farm Store The Farm Store

Community-centred arts establishment and design studio FARM sells both online and from their store. Curated by a young team of passionate art enthusiasts, FARM’s colorful, wacky and highly original collection of products are all made in Singapore, and represent the country’s culture and history. You’ll find classic games like ‘five stones’, pretty tote bags with designs of old Chinese calendars, and drinking glasses with funny catchphrases in Singlish printed on them. (Excerpt from Asia City)

Temasek Clothings Temasek Clothings

Temasek Clothings was launched in 2014, combining casual threads with an authentic Singaporean flavour.Every Temasek Clothings item is proudly designed in Singapore, drawing inspiration from everyday Singaporean life, past and present. (Site Excerpt)

Ang Ku Kueh Girl ® and Friends™ Ang Ku Kueh Girl ® and Friends™

Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and Friends™ puts a charming twist on Asian heritage and is an icon that evokes much love and joy. Get to know Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and her friends, who are all inspired by popular snacks in Singapore!

All our products are functional and created with a whimsical touch to remind us about the joy and happiness of everyday life on our little island. We love using them and hope that you do too!

Our main character, Ang Ku Kueh Girl® (红龟粿女孩) is inspired by a local pastry, ang ku kueh which is red and shaped like a tortoise shell. This kueh symbolises blessings for good fortune and longevity. Similarly, Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and her friends wish you joy and happiness!

If you enjoy cute character goods, these are the perfect souvenirs from Singapore! Proudly designed in Singapore. (Site Excerpt)

Dynasty Kloneworld Dynasty Kloneworld

Time flies, children grow, occasions come and go. Your child’s first birthday, school recital, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, grandchildren!

Dynasty offers a unique new way of turning precious moments into memories you will cherish forever. We capture each and every exquisite little detail and turn them into beautiful Klones, sculptures with a sandstone finish, crafted to perfection through an amazing combination of Art, Craft and cutting edge Technology. Placed in beautiful dioramas handcrafted by select Indian artisans, Dynasty is the future of creating memories. (Site Excerpt)

Art of Chris Art of Chris

Art of Chris is an online webstore founded by Chris Chew, A Singaporean Artist and Illustrator. The brand is based in Singapore and ships internationally. 09 August, 2015 is the time where his awesome journey begins! Chris produces various nostalgia-based hand-illustrated and handmade products, which reminds people of the good old times. Among many others, products such as postcards, framed prints, bookmarks, plushies, and clay brooches are available on this webstore. (Site Excerpt)

Mtrade Mtrade

We provide party supplies products in widest range to suit user's needs in their party and celebrations. Ranging from baby shower themes, first birthday themes, kids birthday party supplies, kids licensed party supplies, theme party supplies, solid color partyware, pinatas, balloons, party favors, party decorations and many more. Our mission is to bring fun and interesting party products to reach out of all party users and consumers who need it at the very special moment, while playing at our best competitive price. We hope to see everyone is having great fun when it is time to play and celebrate! (Site Excerpt)

Statement Statement

Founded in early 2012 by Visa and Desmond, Statement creates and sells breezy, fun t-shirts and totebags that start conversations. (Site Excerpt)

The Little Dröm Store The Little Dröm Store

The little dröm store is an art & design driven retail store found in Singapore, (est 2010). The little dröm store houses countless dream clouds, random knick knacks and also collections of all things inspiring and heartening. It aspires to bring people from all creative walks of life, to promote and share their work with the rest of the world. (Site Excerpt)

That Corner Shop That Corner Shop

We love to make your gifts special. We handcraft each customised item by means of embroidery, printing or in-house laser engraving. With more than 10 years of experience, you can trust each of our artisans and craftsmen to accord special care and thought to your requirements for the gift. We strive to process your gift orders promptly. For embroidered and printed items, they are usually completed in 1 day. Laser engraving items however shall take 2-3 days to process. (Site Excerpt)

Adertek Lifestyle Adertek Lifestyle

It’s amazing how much joy and unforgettable experiences new parents get when their little one arrives. From changing diapers, bathing them and waking up in weird hours to cuddle, feed and pat them to sleep again.

All this experiences are priceless and we believe it can be made more enjoyable with the right support. With this in mind, Adertek Lifestyle was created with the aim to provide parents with the right support to make their parenting experiences even more priceless and fuss-free. (Site Excerpt)