BooksActually BooksActually

BooksActually (est. 2005) is an independent bookstore specializing in Fiction and Literature. This includes Poetry, Essays, Literary Journals, alongside obscure, critical works and antique/rare editions. We also stock titles from various subjects we like: History, Biography, Current Affairs, Human Sciences, Math/Natural Sciences, Travel Narrative, Food Narrative, Aesthetics, Music and Film. BooksActually also houses the largest collection of Singapore literary publications including some out-of-print titles.

In our bookstore, you can often find literary trinkets in the form of stationery and other lovely tchotchkes. We publish and distribute books under our imprint Math Paper Press. We also hand-stitch notebooks and produce stationery under Birds & Co. (Site Excerpt)

Open Trolley Open Trolley

OpenTrolley Bookstore, established in 2008, is a leading online bookstore in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia offering more than 10 million imported US and UK titles at great prices.

You may not realise this but forking out $20 per year for a bookstore´s 10% storewide discount means you do not enjoy any discount for your first $200 book purchase.

At OpenTrolley Bookstore, you can enjoy great book prices starting from your first purchase. And we save you from thinking too much on whether to make that $20 investment every year.(Site Excerpt)

Select Books Select Books

Select Books was set up in 1976, and over the years, we have built up a comprehensive and in-depth collection of over 30,000 books and journals relating to the Asia region. We have become an internationally recognized Asian book specialist.

We are a long-time supplier to local and overseas universities, libraries, museums and academic institutions, including the Academia Sinica, British Library, Harvard University, National Library Board of Singapore, National University of Singapore, School of Oriental and African Studies and the US Library of Congress. Select Books also works closely with non-governmental organisations as well as government departments and organisations of various countries in meeting their research needs in Asia.

Our extensive database of Asian titles allows us to provide relevant and precise information on titles that will meet research requirements. If you have any Asian-related research needs, please contact us, and we shall be pleased to provide with a customized catalogue focusing on your specific area of interest.

Select Books is a leading book distributor in Singapore. We represent a number of Singapore-based as well as overseas publishers, and supply their books to all the major bookstores as well as independent bookstores in Singapore, including Books Kinokuniya, Times, TimesNewsLink, Woods in the Books and Books Actually.

Select Books is an active publisher of quality books on Asia. We also co-publish works with a number of institutions and organizations. (Site Excerpt)

Ethos Books Ethos Books

Giving voice to emerging and exciting writers from diverse backgrounds, we help foster an environment in which literature and the arts not only survive, but thrive. In short, we nurture the growing literary community in Singapore and throughout the region.

That's why our authors and their ideas come first. By taking a collaborative approach to publishing, we bring each author‘s voice and vision to fruition. We are always open to new ideas: different ways of working and fresh ways of delivering the unparalleled satisfaction only a good book can bring.

Established in 1997, Ethos Books is an independent book publisher based in Singapore, and an imprint of Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd, a communications and design house. (Site Excerpt)

GOHD Books GOHD Books

For books lovers in Singapore and the region, GOHD books is a happy alternative to the mega bookstore experience. During these times where e-books have become increasingly popular, Gohd books offers a unique and personalized experience to the bookworm. Their collection is eclectic, with books ranging from the rare antiques to books whose subjects cover metaphysics, Asian history, Buddhism and others. (Excerpt from Latitudes)


Welcome to APD Singapore, your leading independent book distributor. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of books we distribute with a focus on non-fiction, art & design and academic titles. Founded in 1990 APD Singapore has grown into an established publisher representative and independent book distributor in Southeast Asia with offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

APD sells across most major publishing sectors including schools, academic and trade within a distinct academic division and a general trade division responsible for major non-fiction adult and children's trade. (Site Excerpt)

Celebrationz Celebrationz

Well, we are parents to a sweet little girl and a naughty little boy. We made up a story 'I Love My School' to prepare my girl for her pre-school. She looooved it and ever since we have told her this story every night (afternoon naps too) for the atleast 365 days! Thats how we started writing stories and educational books...

​ Mmm...about Tamil books.... we are Tamils and we are proud of the Tamil language. There are lots and lots and lots of English books with very high quality, durablity and ofcourse good content. But the same cannot be said about Children's books in Tamil. We wanted to fill the gap and VOILA... we jumped in. (Site Excerpt)

EdVenture Books EdVenture Books

EdVenture Books was initiated with the aim of positioning itself as the distributor of top quality educational materials, and to become recognised by schools and parents as the source to go to for such materials.

EdVenture Books Pte Ltd is selected by choice educational publishers as their distributor of educational materials, including books and multi-media products, into schools. Among others, EdVenture Books currently represents and distributes publishers such as: Wendy Pye Ltd (Sunshine) and the Pearson Education, including Longman, Heinemann and Rigby. (Site Excerpt)

Pro-Ed Pro-Ed

PRO-ED is a leading publisher of:

• standardized tests (assessments)

• books (resource and reference texts)

• curricular and therapy materials

• professional journals

We produce the highest-quality products in the following areas:

• Speech-Language Pathology

• Special Education and Rehabilitation

• Psychology and Counseling

• Occupational and Physical Therapy

• Early Childhood

Our products are designed to help professionals, caregivers and students. We offer more than 3,000 titles, produced with the input of more than 1,000 top authors and editors. (Site Excerpt)

Little Good Books Little Good Books

At Little Good Books, we pride ourselves as the bilingual bookstore for preschoolers and primary schoolers. All our English and Chinese books are handpicked carefully for 0-9 years old. In particular, our picture books include a 3-tier review that allows you to visualise what the content offers, and whether it meets the cut for your child. Here, you will find not only popular classics loved by generations but also new gems. We are about quality, not quantity. (Site Excerpt)

Junior Page Junior Page

Junior Page is founded in Singapore by a group of book lovers who simply think that amid rising inflation, books should always remain affordable especially for our children who are our future leaders!

Our Primary Mission:

To source for good quality Children books at everyday low prices

Promote good reading habits amongst our young.

Our team comprises of book buyers who have been in the business for almost 20 years and we hope to use this experience to benefit you! (Site Excerpt)

The Groovy Giraffe The Groovy Giraffe

Have you noticed the high cost of books, especially children's books, in Singapore? We saw it and didn't like it. That's why we started The Groovy Giraffe, Singapore's first official online remainder bookshop, with a big dream of helping readers save money on good books. We do that by bringing you great books at unbelievable prices. At our bookshop, you will never need to pay full recommended retail price for any of your books ever again! Pick up any of our items and you will realise you have saved as much as 80% off the same title elsewhere!

And the reason? Our books are brand new, overstock and overprint books, also known as remainder books. Some of these books, especially the heavily discounted ones, may display minor shelf wear¹ and/or remainder markings², but are otherwise brand new books. Check out our "Bargain Books" for the largest discounts! And don’t worry, any condition, if any, will be reflected clearly under each individual book’s description. We carry a good range of children’s books including cloth books, picture books, cookbooks, fiction and non-fiction titles and even some assessment books. (Site Excerpt)

Goody Books Goody Books

Goody Books was established in 2005 as an independent press, growing from a sole proprietorship to now a private limited company. Our primary goal is our commitment to bring readers the highest-quality novels.

Our books have often been listed in both national bestsellers lists (The Sunday Times) and bookstores bestsellers lists (POPULAR and Times bookstores).

Our titles are also available in e-version through major e-book vendors like Amazon Kindle (Australia, US and UK) and Google Play Books (SG and MY), with some of the titles reaching the top ten best-selling novels in several categories—a significant achievement for a Singaporean.

In 2014, our books won the prestigious POPULAR Readers’ Choice Award 2014 and was listed as Google Play #1 Best Book of 2014.

Our novels, all written by twenty-nine-year-old full-time award-winning novelist Low Kay Hwa, are read by people seeking an entertaining read. We seek perfection in our works and aim to bring more high-quality novels to our readers. (Site Excerpt)

Agotoons Agotoons

We have great interest and passion in creating comics that benefit young students. We envision that we create awesome comic stories that everyone would love to read and learn something.

Agotoons, which is a collaboration effort of 'B1 Contents' group and 'emenje publishing house', is a humble beginning of our vision that all of us share.

The name 'Agotoons' came from the Greek word 'paidagogos' which is a trustworthy slave in charge of the education of master's children. We picked this name because it reflects on our vision that our comics can teach and guide young students. (Site Excerpt)

Closetful of Books Closetful of Books

Closetful of Books began with Denise Tan and Kelvin Ng in 2013.

Denise spent 6 years working with Bookaburra Books and a few years before that studying Mass Communications and English Literature. She spends most of her time reading but of course, that is her job.

Kelvin is trained as an engineer and is stereotypically meticulous and assiduous. He spends every other second wondering how he ended​ up working with literature and the rest of the time he spends taking care of Closetful of Books' operations and finances.

Because we grew up accompanied by magical stories and continue to believe in the power that lies between the pages of a book, we would love for as many kids as possible to have the same. We know that there isn't a child in the world who can do without a book and that every child can become a super-duper voracious reader.

​​With that as a mantra, we visit schools with a vast and specially-curated selection of picture books, early readers, novels, non-fiction titles and graphic novels for book fairs and extend superlative library consultancy services. And since we relish any opportunity to go on about books, we quite happily conduct workshops for parents and teachers about reading for pleasure and growing a child's reading repertoire.

Closetful of Books is also the distributor of some fantastic children's literature and because we enjoy basking in the company of really talented and dedicated authors, we offer editorial and marketing services too.​​​ (Site Excerpt)

My Imagination Kingdom My Imagination Kingdom

In the world of technology that we live in today where children spend more time in front of screens than in the real world, we want to encourage our children to imagine for themselves fantastical worlds of wonder through the magic of reading that only a physical book offers. Because that is our goal, we are also big advocates of reading aloud to children. And that is the reason why we also have a section curated just for parents to help them choose the right books for their child and pick up tips and tricks about reading aloud.

At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to provide a diverse collection of local and global children's books at affordable prices for Singaporean families. (Site Excerpt)

Local Books Local Books

We're a one-stop online bookstore specialising in Singaporean titles, ranging from literary fiction to recipe books, graphic novels to plays and poetry.

Founded by booklovers’ frustrated by the fact that 8 out of 10 people who hold a local book don’t even recognize it and that many people only associate Singaporean books with textbooks an assessment books, aspires to bring Singaporean titles to a wider audience, eliciting awareness and giving everyone a chance to grow with stories from home. On top of books published in Singapore, also carries books by local authors that were published overseas in UK, US and China. (Site Excerpt)