Why I Have Chosen Not To List On Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts-Excerpts From A Beautifully Crafted E-Mail.

We dispatched an invitation earlier in April to a promising young female tutor to submit an application to list on our portal, however after much thought she decided to walk away. Provided below is part of an elegant response she sent me explaining her decision just before the Vesak Day Holiday:

"Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts sounds like a wonderful platform which I would really love to join for the valuable exposure. However, I'm afraid my paper credentials don't quite cut it and I would rather not risk a rejection. I understand that in the competitive market, grades and brand name school teaching experience do matter. However, all my students have come to me based on word-of-mouth and hence the parents trust in my ability to teach their children well despite my lack of credentials because of my students' greatly improved results and their positive feedback.

I am a 22 year old part-time undergrad with UniSIM, reading English with Business. I took a year off after completing my A Levels to start tutoring because I loved the subject and my family needed financial help. UniSIM offered me an affordable education and flexibility to continue working. My results in English, Literature and General Paper are stellar (straight As) but I did not do well for Mathematics. That's the story of my credentials and the reason why I am not studying in any of the other three local universities. Compared with the illustrious write-ups of other tutors, I'm afraid I pale in comparison in black and white. However, I am responsible enough to ensure that the students are getting the help they need and I do not falsely advertise my teaching ability, achievements or credentials.

I'm sorry this is such a long email, but I felt I had to return your sincerity with a proper reply explaining why I have chosen not to list on your platform. Anyhow, have a great evening and enjoy your Vesak Day holiday tomorrow :)

Once again, thanks for your invitation which I have to regretfully decline with my full appreciation and I wish your platform all the best in your future endeavours!"

So sensible, so matured. Mind you she is only 22 this year. Still she was probably right; had she applied, she will most likely not get through our gates. I wish her all the best from the bottom of my very, very heavy heart.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 14 May 2014