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One of our listed tutors (identity kept anonymous to protect his privacy) indicated in a correspondence with us late last month that he was approached by an establishment whose objectives eerily mirrored ours. He said:

Seems like similar websites are harvesting names from your website. I'm not interested in them, though. Looks too commercial. (Attached immediately below is the soliciting e-mail received.)

We replied:


Five things:

1. We do not guarantee results as the outcomes rely not only on the tutor, but also on the student's willingness to cooperate.

2. We don't create sign-up options which make the experience even more tedious; parents should be able to see everything on display at the very first glance. They should be able to call up the tutor immediately without much hassle.

3. We do not believe there are 5,300+ (in reference to the above mentioned site) excellent tutors in Singapore. Hundreds yes, but thousands........a big question mark. After two years we have only accepted 30 plus tutors, and rejected an even larger number.

4. We don't put up testimonials, because they can be easily faked.

5. We do not stipulate budgets, because we believe capable tutors should have the right to command exceptional fees. They call the shots as far as pricing is concerned and we do not interfere.

To which our tutor remarked:

I agree totally. Hence, I can't be bothered to reply. The normal distribution says it all when it comes to tutor quality.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 13 April 2014