E-Magazine Review: The Science CurioBox

Online E-magazine website The Science CurioBox is the brainchild of a former school teacher with more than 11 years of experience under her belt. She had taught core subjects to pupils of all abilities at P3 - P6 levels, including the best classes and classes in the foundation levels. In addition, she also specialized in the teaching of Science for 3 years, developing a keen interest in the use of ICT in Teaching/Learning and creative writing along the way.

The Science CurioBox is published bi-monthly, with learning packages (comprising at least 6 learning activities) accompanying the release of each edition of the e-magazine being released on a weekly basis. This review is based on the March 2014 issue.

Saying that The Science CurioBox is a miniature encyclopedia is certainly an understatement; it is packed full of information nuggets and diagrams. While the content has been crafted meticulously in accordance with the current Science syllabus, the author has adopted a more casual, informal approach as far as articulation of facts are concerned. And the largely interactive tone of writing leaps out at the reader, thereby ensuring the learning process is never passive. So kudos to the author for doing away completely with the conventional boring textbook format.

Children of younger ages are much more attuned to visual internalization, in this regard The Science CurioBox has been generous in terms of its provision of photos and illustrations:

The author's penchant for creative writing is clearly on display for most parts of the magazine, and readers will probably embrace the offerings because they are the embodiment of fun and humour.

The e-magazine in itself is a juggernaut aggregator of material no doubt, however it is on occasion a victim of its desire to squeeze in as much content as possible within a single edition. The distribution of information is not quite homogenous, as can be seen from the unenviable, wordy clutter on some of its pages, which could induce younger readers to become disinterested momentarily:

Despite this tiny "flaw", The Science CurioBox is still largely a very engaging piece of work. It definitely has the potential to become a blockbuster, as awareness of its presence gains traction and many more place this on their must-read/study lists.

Score: 8/10

Reviewed by Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts on 14 March 2014