The Attitude of Our Teachers Impacts Our Children's Education Most

By Aly

Here are some thoughts of mine after reading a couple of articles:

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I think, to be a student is tough. To be a teacher, is even tougher. Your words and your action leaves a long term impact in a student's learning and growth.

So, to the teachers who've showed me genuine care and love (even if its really small). You've made a change in my life, thank you. Because I don't think I've said them enough.

Without you, I would have spent my life thinking i'm not worthy.

Without you, I'd have believe that my worth ranges from the scale of A to F.

Your acknowledgement and recognition in me gives me a little more hope, a little more faith. You might have possibly been the the angel behind some of the darkest moment of my life.

You help me to understand that result doesn't define who I am or who I may become. You help me to find new meaning in the word "knowledge" that serves as something bigger than an A grade for exams and degrees. To understand that knowledge, is what I need for survival and empowerment in the future, not for the sake of getting that certificate of recognition.

And to the teacher who thought that this kid is hopeless because his/her academic is poor, he/she has attitude problem, he/she will probably grow up to be a pai-kia with no future...

To the teacher who gave up because this kid's result cannot make it...

To the teacher who ditched the "special classes" because they have behavioral and attitude issues and label every single individual from the class as problematic...

To the teacher who shows blatant favoritism and prefers/hangs out only with the cool and popular clique...

To the teacher who doesn't acknowledge the credits of the silent ones and only see the popular kid who is claiming all the undeserving credits...

To the teacher who have semi-ridiculous expectations of the popular/smart kid to perform every single time...

To the teacher who can't be bothered with his/her students, and only start to "care" about them when the students are performing poorly and possibly affect his/her resume or reputation...

And to the teacher who never really paid any attention to the typical average/normal kid in the class...

Please care a little bit more - about your actions and your words.

Be genuine.

Please don't attach labels the way others do.

You have no idea how much power those small action and words have. Especially the non-verbal signals you send.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of The Real Singapore.


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