Think About Singapore's Education System

By Han Hui Hui

In the eyes of students, is going to school fun, interesting and meaningful to them?

Are they having stress from the peers, parents, teachers, society or siblings for those who are not only child?

If students are trained to be white-collar workers then what happened to blue-collar workers jobs?

Who’s gonna take up these jobs?

Should we have minimum wages so that people can lead a life with their basic living conditions and needs fulfilled?

Are we able to give all jobs similar pay and respect people in the various kind of jobs?

Does our current education system takes care of the personal growth of children?

Are students going through the education system and taught that they have to study hard because attaining high education will let them have higher pay giving them a higher level of happiness and that’s called success in life?

Can the society give students a second chance should they encounter failures?

Why are students who are retained being looked down upon?

Are we being superficial if we judge people based on academic results?

What about developing a love for studying?

How about people whose talents are in sports, music, dancing or art?

What will their future plan or career path in Singapore like?

Are they able to nurture their talents?

Will they find employment in Singapore or do they have to leave?

What can be done for the increase in the number of students diagnosed with special needs such as dyslexia?

What can our education improve on to help them?

Can we allow them to be home-schooled?

What are the resources that would be required to assist them in their learning journey?

Is there too much examination and streaming in the current education system from GEP to higher mother tongue to PSLE to subjects streaming to courses to tertiary?

Are we being too competitive and judging the students at an early age?

Perhaps there should be less competition but let our younger generation study what they are interested in to develop the passion and interest of our children?

Shouldn’t we teach them that life is not just about exam results but teamwork too?

How are we assessing our students?

Should we be using one method of PSLE at the tender age of 12 to determine their future?

How about teaching values and how to behave in public?

What about late boomers?

Should we be making them decide their future at such young age when they should be enjoying their childhood instead of facing stress?

Should we have flexibility for students who would like to change their subject combination or course as they more on later in life such as from secondary school to JC?

What are exams for?

Are students behaving in a way that shows that they can handle the stress?

Are what tested in exams being taught and are teachers teaching because of exams?

What are the workloads of teachers?

Are there specific teaching methods that teachers have to use?

What is in the society mind-set towards the expectations of teachers?

Should teachers focus more on teaching rather than administrative tasks or CCA so as to boost their productivity?

What is the turn-over rate of teachers?

How can we attract people with the passion to teach?

Is it just about or through monetary benefit?

What about the growth of teachers?

Shouldn’t we know how teachers are being ranked?

How can we value add the system to benefit the teachers and students?

Maybe the government can release information to the public so that we can better access the situation and see how we can improve the system to build a better Singapore together?

This was reproduced with permission from editors of The Real Singapore.


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