Recommended 'A' Level Maths guidebooks

(These set of recommendations by Mathematics tutor Mr Goh Joo Heng first appeared here on Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts on 18 January 2014. Revisions were made on 5 March 2014.)


"A-Level Complete H2 Maths Guide " by Educational Publishing House comprises two volumes-one on Pure Mathematics and the other on Statistics. Both volumes are handy in the sense they provide comprehensive notes on a topical basis, complete with worked examples and graphic calculator handling instructions. Not to forget they also provide a sizeable quantity of questions for the student to attempt (full solutions provided as well). For those seeking to build a solid H2 Maths foundation, these guides will do a good job.

Recommendation: Strong buy for the notes, examples and TI 84 plus calculator usage.

"A-Level Study Guide Mathematics" written by CS Toh is another well written guide. The guide also highlights common mistakes made by students and examination tips. It can be downloaded from for $4.49.

Recommendation: Good to have


"A-Level Challenging Questions Mathematics" written by CS Toh provides many challenging practice questions with worked solutions. It can be downloaded from for $4.49. Hard copies are also available for purchase in bookstores.

"Succeeding in JC H2 Level Mathematics" by Andrew Tan contains questions of varied levels of difficulty: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

Recommendation: Get one of the above two books for practice.




Students can get any of the 3 above books written by L.Bostock and S.Chandler. These are classic good books for 'A' Level Pure Mathematics. It provides crisp derivations of various formulas, explains concepts very cogently and would certainly go some way in improving the student’s proficiency in handling the subject.

Recommendation: Optional

"A concise course in A level Statistics" written by J.Crawshaw and J.Chambers is a book one should pick up when reviewing 'A' Level Statistics. Students studying this text will stand to benefit from the thorough knowledge and depth of explanations provided.

Recommendation: Optional