5 Questions for MP Miss Indranee Rajah

Based on statements made by Senior Minister of State (Law and Education) Miss Indranee Rajah during a parliamentary session about private tuition being highly unessential in Singapore, we have 5 questions for her:

1. How is an attrition rate of 3% considered low?

2. What are the exact yearly figures as far as unhappy teachers leaving the service is concerned?

3. If the tuition industry is booming (and as mentioned could now possibly be a billion dollar machine), it certainly doesn't speak well of the general competence of mainstream school teachers does it?

4. One of the top complaints we have gathered from the ground (and which is pretty darn obvious to many by now) is the overwhelming workload faced by mainstream school teachers, which may span a whole variety of other odd-job responsibilities aside from discharging their teaching duties. How does that qualify for humane, dignified treatment of our educators?

5. Who in the right frame of mind would be incentivised to reveal better pay prospects as a pull factor (of personal consideration) for joining the private tutoring industry during exit interviews? Exit interviews hardly scratch the surface of darker truths.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 18 September 2013