Scammed by dishonest tutors? Parents are not fools.

In light of the recent incidents involving the public being seemingly oblivious to tutors parading fake academic credentials and conning their way through, Simon Tay feels rather strongly that hiring parents are no idiots. In a post written earlier (during the first week of May) on an online discussion forum, he has this to say:

" If we think parents are suckers who are being taken advantage of by the tutors, think again!

In truth, parents are nobody’s fool when it comes to money spent on their children and getting the maximum benefits from their tutors. According to a long-time private tutor, they scout around for a tutor who charges chirpy-cheap fees. In the past, parents or guardians generously insisted on having 2 or 3 tutorial sessions a week for their kids because fees were more affordable. But now, many who feel the pinch of higher tuition fees make do with just one lesson per week, which is nowhere near enough for slow or stupid learners.

What is more, they like to change the tuition dates closest an exam so that what their kids learn will remain fresh in their minds. The result is that the tutor has to go through the rigmarole of changing his or her timetable. When the examination is over, their kids will take a breather from tuition, during which some parents will trot out the excuse their kid(s) is too busy or not feeling well enough to study.

Come school holidays, many families, led by wanderlust, will jet off to a tourist destination. During this lull period the tutors’ earnings take a dive. The saddest thing is that many a tutor is in the precarious position of facing the axe should their students fare badly in their exam. Some parents have high expectations of their children’s grades, and they have no qualms about terminating the services of the tutor if their kids’ exam results fell short of their expectations.

It’s by no means easy earning money from the parents, let alone con them. That, in a nutshell, is what’s happening on the private tuition scene."


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 15 May 2013


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