Foreign Scholarship Policy: Fairness? Or Not?

(This post by Miss Catherine Jaevans first appeared here on Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts on 3 May 2013.)

It is undeniable that the implementation of foreign scholarship policies is one of the many affecting factors that resulted in the decline of uptake of university education among the locals.

As practical as it may sound, local born and bred Singaporeans are definitely getting the short end of the stick in this area.

To the government, expanding the talent pool is crucial for our ever-growing economy- and that is probably one of the reasons why the "importation" of foreign students through scholarship policies are essential.

However, with so many opportunities extended to foreign students, are our local Singaporeans receiving equal opportunities as well?

Now, that is the part when an imbalance strikes.

To some, a foreign scholarship is only a "bridge" or milestone for the foreigners to enjoy their education here in Singapore.

Granted that there is a string attached - that is, to fulfill a 3-year bond after their education, it is a total different story altogether when it comes to settling down.

Let's face the reality - There are many foreigners who would kill for a scholarship opportunity in Singapore.

But will they really fight for a place here after their education?

Ah, that's some food for thought.

When it comes to foreigners, there is the existence of unexplained inferiority in us.

Don't get me wrong - I am just stating from my own personal experience.

Many top students are mainly from other countries (I am not implying that there are no local top students), but the feeling of being inferior is just... ...inevitable.

I strongly believe money is an affecting factor when it comes to pursuing an education, too. There is no doubt that many locals are struggling in terms of financial means to pursue an education, and having foreign scholarship policies are not helping in any way.

From an online report I read while doing my research, the government revealed in Parliament that at least 2,000 scholarships worth S$36 million were awarded each year to overseas students.

Fairness? Or not?

Come to think of it, it is not a small amount.

I do not deny that these policies are causing additional pressure on our local students (as if results are already not stressful enough!), whom are as passionate in their studies, too.

But well, there are always two sides to a coin.

The rapid intake of foreign students may also be a cause for the drop in rankings of Singapore's two top universities - as there are many who do not fare that well as far as English language is concerned.

Well, we lose some and we gain some.

We shouldn't let foreign scholarship policies stand in our way of education success, though.

Granted that our local students may have to go the extra mile just to get there, but I strongly believe we can still carve our own success stories - given the equal opportunity and time.

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