Primary Level English Composition Writing Website By Anonymous (SG)


A blog made completely free for pimary level English students by a tutor who goes by the online moniker sgmamadreams; she provides detailed pointers to learners who are willing to submit their essays to her for correction, shares snippets of well-written compositions and also incorporates videos into her instruction regime.

Note: This has been featured with the personal consent of sgmamadreams.

We respect her wishes to remain anonymous. In her words to us:

" Hello,

I've been using the pseudo 'sgmamadreams' for all my posts and entries in forums and correspondence with parents when they email me for advice. I really would like to remain as such to maintain some consistency and allowing my readers to identify me with my blog.

I sincerely hope that this request will not lead to inconvenience on your part.

Thank you again,

sgmamadreams ! :) "