Students may not be lying when they say their school teachers suck at teaching

A former school teacher who goes by the online moniker JetGrey shares his candid observations about what he feels are shocking deficiencies of (more than just handful of) local mainstream educators:

" From seeing my classmates in NIE do their presentations for the teaching modules (micro/macro teaching), from observing teachers during 4 years of practicum and also during my short period of time as a teacher after I graduated. I have seen various teachers, some really good and inspirational, but it is also disappointing and appalling to see that there are a considerable number of teachers who can't really teach properly. Some can be good teachers, just that they have the lack of classroom management skills. Some have good classroom management, but their presentation of concepts is not very clear. Worst still, I have seen teachers who can't control their class and also can't teach. All these are from my personal experiences.

Sometimes, when students complain that their teacher sucks and can't teach properly, they might really be speaking the truth."

Thank You JetGrey; your sharing is most appreciated.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 1 February 2013


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