Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(i) What exactly is the Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts?

Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts is the brainchild of The Czar, who had enough of the bullshit which has been running around in tutor matching circles for ages and decided to do something about it. It was born on March 28, 2012. As of 20 July 2012, Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts is wholly owned by White Group Legacy. While The Czar is accountable to an existing higher management, she still retains complete administrative control over site operations.

(Answered by The Czar)

(ii) Isn't Domain of Experts elitist?

For the millionth time, NO.The fundamental motivation of this site is simple and innocent; only morons take delight in complicating the state of affairs. If one bothered to explore around and read the things posted, he/she wouldn't have tossed around the accusatory E word so carelessly and unwittingly. Therefore I won't indulge anyone further by trying to give reason to my purpose. I stand steadfast by what I do.

(Answered by The Czar)

(iii) Who exactly is The Czar?

The Czar is the teacher in a mask whose actual identity shall never be revealed. Seriously, what truly matter are the efforts invested into making this baby work. Move on people.

Want me to turn around? Keep dreamin'.

(Answered by The Czar)

(iv) How carefully are the individual submissions being scrutinised for their authenticity?

Anyone who wishes to be listed on this site MUST submit scanned copies of their actual academic certifications for our internal vetting; failure to do so will result in immediate rejection.We also run random background checks on our own to verify facts supplied by our potential listings. You hate to be lied to, so do we, with equal (probably greater) passion.

(Answered by The Czar)

(v) Are the listings being ranked, and if so, based on which criterion?

Yes, based on a set of assessment criteria which shan't be shared openly. Tutors are sorted into 3 separate tiers comprising 3 designations each (Tier 1 - E1, E2, E3; Tier 2 - E4, E5, E6; Tier 3 - E7, E8, E9), where E9 denotes the most junior rank and E1 the highest attainable rank.

(Answered by The Czar)

(vi) Why are the academic certificate copies of your experts not being publicly shared on this site?

I am fiercely protective of their privacy, so don't for a moment ever think I will change my mind about that. Anyways if you engage a particular tutor, you can always request that he/she produce evidence of his/her paper qualifications during the actual first lesson. Next question please.

(Answered by The Czar)

(vii) I see contributions made by other tutors in various sections on this site, notably the "Tutors, Speak Your Minds" segment. Are their tutoring services also endorsed by your team?

Only the ones listed in the "Subject Experts" section have received our official seal of approval.

(Answered by The Czar)

(viii) What about tuition centers? Do you screen and list them?

Definitely not. A tuition center is typically manned by a handful of tutors, some of whom may not have been approved/vetted by our review committee. It would therefore not make sense to label an entire tutoring establishment as absolutely effective on account of one or two competent individuals. Even if a tuition center currently comprises tutors who are all listed within the Domain of Singapore tutoring Experts, it is not unreasonable to expect such a center to possibly experience changes in manpower numbers down the road-something which is logistically unfeasible for us to keep track of in the long run.

(Answered by The Czar)

(ix) Do you mandate fee schedules for the listed tutors?

No. Please be reminded that these listed tutors are not under our employment, as such it is not our place to intervene in matters involving general tuition fee charges. That said, if you feel someone here has quoted a ridiculously obscene amount, do let us know and we will investigate/take necessary action, which may include counseling the said tutor and delisting him/her altogether.

(x) Is there any way I can communicate in real time with a tutor on his/her personal profile page, say via a virtual messaging facility?

Certainly. Simply scroll down to the "CHAT WITH THIS TUTOR" subsection, click on the dialogue tab below it and you will see the tab fully expand into a chatbox. Note though this feature is only implemented for those tutors who have expressed a direct interest in having the widget embedded in their respective profiles.

screenshot of an actual implementation ( courtesy of Mr Goh Joo Heng's profile )

(Answered by The Czar)