Allergic to judging people

The views of a fellow educator in an e-mail exchange is being reproduced below:

" Good Day,

I'm rather allergic to judging people. Yes, tuition agencies are partially at fault for students who are not receiving the best services. However, the root of the problem continue to lie in the inability for free lance tutors to show what they are worth to the client without the agent. It is as good as buying an artwork from an unknown artist. With the directory that you are creating, its like buying an artwork from an artist someone like. The problem lies here. We all have different yardstick to judge who is good and who is not. Graduating from a school with flawless results shows nothing more than the fact that one can study. Teaching is something that requires passion, and the ability to see things from different perspectives. To someone who find everything just common senses, he may not have the ability to impart it. Yes, it would be an honor to be in such a elite group. However my true faith lies in providing the best for my students, and students of any other teachers or tutors."

(The identity of the sender has been kept anonymous to protect his privacy)

While I do not concur with him, I am not allergic to publishing his views.

The Czar ( Site Founder)

April 2012