Want to make your tutoring profile stand out from the crowd? Then consider expanding your personal page with these add-on features:

1. A Visual Showcase Of All Personally Authored Publications In Print (Free With Any Listing Plan)

If you are a prolific author of assessment and guide books in your own right, explicitly highlighting to the general public a list of book covers of all your published works will certainly add a sheen of professionalism. You can submit official high resolution images of these covers in .png, .jpeg or .gif format (not ad hoc shots taken with distracting backgrounds -see below what is acceptable and what isn't) , each accompanied with a short write-up about the book itself.

2. A Visual Sample Showcase Of Personally Crafted Worksheets / handouts (Free With Any Listing Plan)

This is where you can get to demonstrate in no less clear terms what students can expect in terms of the provision of learning material if they sign up for your lessons.Send us samples of your pretty, dolled up notes and each separate set shall be presented in the form of a clickable tab on your profile page. Permitted file formats are : pdf, txt, doc, ppt, xls, docx, though we recommend submission in pdf format. We strongly recommend that you watermark your works before dispatching them to us for uploading to our scribd account to eliminate any possible dispute over authorship in the future. What's yours must remain yours.

Screenshot of an actual implementation (courtesy of Mrs Grace Ong's profile )

3. Real Time Chat Client (Installation Fee Applicable)

Get a real time chat client embedded in your tutoring profile page. It will show up as a separate subsection titled "CHAT WITH THIS TUTOR" where users can click on a blue dialogue tab, allowing it to be expanded into a full chat box as depicted below:

Screenshot of an actual implementation ( courtesy of Mr Goh Joo Heng's profile )

There will be no insane setups required on your part, just a one time registration of an account with a designated service provider and we will take care of the rest. You will be granted moderator status in your own chat box. Active conversations will only be triggered in your presence, and for safety's sake no anonymous users are allowed to post messages.

A complementary application (in the event of missed connections) shall also be included within the chat client segment that allows students and parents to directly SMS you prompting for a discussion online:

The message will be automatically loaded into the phone's messaging system with the contact number provided in your profile with a single tap, and is thus ready to be sent:

This application works on Apple iPhone models and all Android operated smartphones.

4. Get Contacted On Whatsapp Directly (Free With Any Listing Plan)

Alternatively, perhaps you may wish to have potential tutees Whatsapp you directly by clicking on a messenger launch icon (added at the bottom left of the page)? Simply let us know you desire this magic button so very much, and it shall happen shortly thereafter.

You must already have a Whatsapp account associated with an existing mobile number in order to chat with fellow humans, like duh....

5. Video Streaming (Free With Any Listing Plan)

Do you desire to have samples of media interviews or testimonials by students proudly broadcasted to folks who land on your page? Well then simply provide us with relevant information concerning assets within your existing inventory on video publishing platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc) and we will mount them filmed masterpieces for you in a jiffy (with your consent of course).

Screenshot of an actual implementation (courtesy of Ms Yap's profile )

6. Lightbox Feature (Installation Fee Applicable)

Fancy broadcasting personal advertisements about your latest classes/promotion in a compact fashion without the extra clutter? Our novel and space-efficient lightbox feature will do just that. When readers click on a small banner thumbnail, the main artwork (linking to a page on your own tutoring website if so desired) will be launched. It can also be subsequently minimized by clicking the cross located at the bottom right. And yes, the advertisement itself can be refreshed upon request.

Screenshot of an actual implementation (courtesy of Mr Edwin Cheng's profile )

7. Concierge Bot Facility (Installation Fee Applicable)

We are aware you are busy teaching during the day, and thus might not be able to promptly respond to tuition-related queries. Fret not, our pre-programmed AI bot shall come to the rescue; it functions as an independent FAQ platform, thus enabling students and parents to obtain instant answers to commonly asked questions which include your fee rates, availability, subjects taught etc. This adorable virtual concierge bot when installed can be deployed by simply clicking on its avatar located at the bottom right of the page.

Screenshot of an actual implementation (courtesy of Mr Kevin Seah's profile )