National University of Singapore (NUS),

Nanyang Technological University (NTU),

Anderson Junior College (AJC),

Naval Base Secondary School

B.Sc.(Major In Physics - 2nd Upper Class Honours),

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Anderson Junior College

Full time private tutor

'A' Level H1/H2 Physics Tuition,

IB Physics Tuition,

IP Physics Tuition ,

'O' Level Physics Tuition


Mr Lim Wee Chee was formerly a teacher/lecturer in Anderson Junior College, and currently a full time tutor, specialising in teaching A Level H1/H2 Physics and IB Physics, as well as O-Level Physics.

He has had extensive experience in teaching physics, having tutored A-Level Physics and O-Level Physics for 18 Years and IB Physics for 12 years. Besides the above mentioned, Mr Lim is also familiar with a broad spectrum of physics syllabus, having taught students taking AP Physics, SAT Physics and IGCSE Physics before as well.

Over the years, he has also taught students coming from various backgrounds, including those from local schools such as Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Anglo-Chinese Independent, Pioneer JC and Yishun JC among others, as well students from international schools such as United World College, Stamford American International School, St Joseph Institution International, Anglo-Chinese International, Hwa Chong International etc.

Throughout his years in teaching physics, Mr Lim noticed a significant portion of students tend to underperform due to them not being able to grasp certain physics concepts well. Therefore, many resort to memorising and rote learning, rather than understanding the concepts properly. As such, students tend to get stumped when they encountered questions in a varied and less direct form, although they still revolve around concepts previously taught.

Hence, Mr Lim’s approach is to explain the relevant physics concepts in a simple and direct manner, with the use of relevant examples and analogies, to help students suitably relate to the concepts. Whenever possible, he will associate the said physics concepts with their applications in everyday life, to help students appreciate them better too. Next, using the customised practices provided by him for each topic, he exposes the students to the physics questions of different variations that they could be asked to answer, helping them solve these questions by breaking down the questions into parts, and solving them using a step by step approach, systematic manner.

Mr Lim believes that by providing the students with questions of different variations pertaining to the same concepts, students are able to relate these concepts from a different perspective, and thus attain a deeper understanding of the concepts themselves. Together with the use of a variety of questions, Mr Lim may whenever suitable, show students how to solve problems by utilising more than one method, which include alternative approaches. Mr Lim noticed that through the use of different ways to solve the same problems, this helps students to appreciate that many of the concepts that they have learnt are in fact inter-related, and therefore allowing students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the physics concepts involved, as well as attain greater mastery and confidence when solving the physics problems.