Three cheers for MOE for this googly

By Atans1

Googly, for the uninitiated is a really wicked, evil bowling movement where a cricket ball bowled as if to go one way that actually breaks in the opposite way. It’s even more wicked, evil than the curveball in baseball or softball.

Below is the kind of question that should be included (and was) in a nation where tuition for one’s kids accepted fact of life as a means of keeping themahead of the rabble: the problem is that almost every kid tutored.

“Thinking cannot be taught” is a comment on this.

And it’s so hilarious that someone grumbled that the coins could be of different weights. Or that it’s an IQ question, not a maths question. “They can’t handle the possibility that their children are not smart enough, even though they themselves only have half the intellect.”

FYI, MOE justifies it by saying pupils are taught to estimate as part of their primary school education.

This post was first published over at the Thoughts of a Cynical Investor blog on 8 October 2015. It is reproduced with permission.


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