Pan Asia Publishing Pan Asia Publishing

Pan Asia Publishing Pte Ltd was established in 1984 to develop and publish Chinese readers for children of ages 0 – 12 years old. With the strong philosophy of “Read Today, For a better tomorrow”, Pan Asia’s content is written and illustrated with a single set of aims in mind, and that is: to entertain, motivate and educate children and to instil in them a love of language and culture, respect for lifelong values and a joy of reading.

Pan Asia’s readers cover an extensive genre of literature – including fiction, poetry and classical Chinese proverbs. Over the years, its content repository has expanded to include Chinese-only versions, English-only editions as well as bilingual and multi-lingual versions. (Site Excerpt)

Dangdang (当当网) Dangdang (当当网) (当当), known as Dangdang is headquartered in Beijing and most see it as direct competitors/rivals with (or Amazon China, formerly and Dangdang, like Amazon started as an online bookstore. Today Dangdang is said to be the largest online bookstore in China. Dangdang provides more than 600,000 Chinese books on (Site Excerpt)

Read With Me Mommy Read With Me Mommy

Read With Me Mommy is an online bookstore that put together chinese books and materials for kids as young as babies. Each book/material is carefully reviewed and selected by our store. To every product, we have included a short description / review page in English to enable parents to better understand the content of the books they are purchasing. We hope that this would be useful for parents who have lost touch with the Chinese language but yet, would like to find good quality Chinese books for their children. (Site Excerpt)

Shine Kids Bookstore Shine Kids Bookstore

Wide selection of online Chinese book store for kids in Singapore! (Site Excerpt)

Kidzpage SG Kidzpage SG

KidzPage SG was formed by a group of individuals who specialized in the sourcing and recommendation of products that are extremely suitable for babies, toddlers and children. The aim is to build a strong interest in early learning and at the same time develop the full potential of the child's cognitive abilities at different stages of their growth. (Site Excerpt)

MandarinaKids MandarinaKids

We specialise in introducing Chinese to children below the age of three, during the early learning years where language development takes root. Our products are designed to engage them at each sensory level – sight and sound through our DVDs, touch and feel via our games and toys, as well as taste and smell with delicious recipes. (Site Excerpt)

Flip For Joy Flip For Joy

Welcome to Flip for Joy - a Singapore-based children's bookstore, dedicated to sourcing the best Chinese books around the world. As parents, we realise the value and importance of learning the Chinese language from a young age. In our search for good chinese books, we found ourselves asking ,"Which books should my child be reading? How can I read to my child if I’m not that proficient in Chinese? Where can we purchase good Chinese books?"

At Flip for Joy , we present you a fine selection of books that meet our expectations - fun, exciting and engaging. With each book, we will share why it was chosen, the benefits it will bring and how as a parent, you can use it to enrich the learning experience of your child. Consider our recommendations and decide which books are best suited for your child. (Site Excerpt)