"Physics Third Edition" by Ken Dobson/David Grace/David Lovett and other recommended Physics textbooks

In Popular bookstores you should be able to find this textbook by Publisher Collins Advanced Science called "Physics Third Edition". Authors are Ken Dobson, David Grace and David Lovett. It is suitable for both 'A' Level and IB students. Most of the material covered for the 'A'Level and IB syllabi are the same. There will be a few extra chapters in the book though which cover some of the IB options that are not examined in the 'A' Level syllabus, that said it is still a largely useful guide text for 'A' Level students. You can easily determine which chapters you need to read by comparing with the specific syllabus you are offering. This book is in colour and contains quite a few good examples of how the concepts in physics actually apply to real situations.

Another book which is thicker and targeted specifically at the 'A' Levels is that by Publisher Nelson Thornes. It is called " 'A' Level Physics, 4th Edition" ; the author is Roger Muncaster. It doesn't cite too many real world examples/applications, however it contains lots of worked problems.

Either one of these books is good. I do recommend to JC students that they read the latter, particularly if you intend to go on to University in any science or engineering field. Many of the University and post-University exams test reading comprehension thoroughly. For example the Medical College Admission Test heavily emphasizes reading of passages and being able to answer questions on them. I wrote the Physics section for the Barron's Guide and it was mostly a reading comprehension test as well as a test of conceptual understanding.

If Popular bookstores do not have these books on the shelf, just talk to the staff and they should be able to order them for you.

Editor's Note: Savvy online shoppers can also make these purchases through Amazon.com . Simply click on the images of the respective texts provided above.


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 26 March 2014