Jurong JC: A Negative, Sticky Label

An aspiring tutor who recently completed his A levels at Jurong Junior College (JJC) lamented in an online youth forum

"Usually people will shun me because I am from JJC."

Below was my response to him:

"Hopefully you understand why I have been pushing for tutors from only the top tier JCs to be listed on my website.

Unfortunately, however capable you are, once you reveal you are from JJC, hiring parents will often be turned off. Not to mention them subsequently shunning you. To have such a sterotypical sticker slapped on you does suck I have to admit, but social stratification is here to stay.

Don't take this personally, because it isn't. Just stating reality."

He in turn replied:

"Yes I know you have your reasons. It really sucks when parents treat JJC students way worst than even polytechnic students. It is as though we are the "ITE" of A levels (when it is not true at all...)

I guess the only way to show my worth is actually shoving my A level results in their face."

My further response to him:

"Even so, I am skeptical they will budge.

After all, if another kid from say HCI with equally excellent A level results as yours comes forward to offer tutoring services, the hiring parent probably won't bat an eyelid and settle for that kid instead of you. "

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 6 January 2013