Knowing How To Study Doesn't Mean Knowing How To Teach

A well-meaning netizen expressed his views on a forum:

"Knowing how to study doesn't mean knowing how to teach.

Studying and imparting knowledge (teaching) are 2 different set of skills.

Knowing when to progress further /deeper into a topic to teach the child and when to stop at a certain level is a skill to be learnt."

The Response:

"You are right, knowing how to study doesn't necessarily imply one knows how to teach. However, if one can't even properly manage his studies in school, how can anyone even expect him to be a good teacher? For starters, the prospective hiring parent would be cautiously skeptical and wonder if he possesses adequate knowledge of the subject he intends to tutor. Based simply on this, there isn't a need to venture further into discussing whether his teaching methodologies and techniques are sound (or not).

Well, I believe personal academic ability to a certain (significant, though not full) extent is synonymous with teaching ability. You might and probably will disagree, but I stand by my opinion that alumni from brand name schools = greater likelihood of becoming top tutors."

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 22 June 2012