Singaporean children (most of them) cannot survive without tuition.

In reference to Daniel Wong's published article "Real Reason Behind Singapore's Obsessions With Tuition"(dated 13 June 2012) , Janet_lee88 over at Kiasu Parents Forum cited a set of compelling reasons to demonstrate why tuition is something which will never go away in the current education climate (note that her opinions are largely centered on the primary school level as she is the mother to a boy taking the PSLE at this instance):

" 1) Our kids need tuition because school teachers are not able to help our kids pass even school exams. No parent wants their kids to fail. It's not the parents' face but kids' self esteem to be termed a failure.

2) With 40+ students in a class, how can teachers possibly help/attend to every child ?

3) School teachers have to teach Math, Science, English and CL. They may not even be trained in particular subject...but have no choice to teach it. How can their knowledge be in-depth?

4) School teachers have their own lives too...they cannot be possibly giving extra lessons everyday after school...furthermore, they still have CCAs and meetings to handle.

5) Compo & oral exams need skilled teachers to coach. Again, no way can a teacher can do that in a class of 40. These 2 components constitute a high % of marks for Paper 1, so again this is why tutors are needed.

This education system is sucking the childhood lives out of our kids, and our hard-earned money. "

A big thanks to her for allowing us to reproduce her post here. Bless her soul.


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