Affected by stolen 'A' Level Chemistry papers saga, what should I do?

This query comes from a student:

Hello, you'd probably heard of the super embarrassing episode recently about the stolen 'A' Level Chemistry papers, and YES I am one of the students affected. To my horror, I was issued a final B grade based on some absurdly stupid projection method used by SEAB ( I believed I was capable of scoring an A), so I am now placed in an extremely unenviable position of having to decide whether to do a resit in April. Which IMO is bloody unfair because I have already forgotten almost everything, and therefore need to get up to speed with the subject matter once more in such short a time!!!!!!

I am planning to apply for an overseas scholarship, so every grade matters to say the least, but I am also terribly afraid I might end up scoring even worse than presently, which would derail my plans further. Feeling so damn torn and conflicted.......honestly what should I do? :(

The Response:


Sorry to hear that you were one of the affected students who didn’t get the A that you should have deserved.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to change the situation as it is now.

To be honest though – assuming you had done consistently well for your school exams in the past, I would like to think you probably have a fairly strong foundation in Chemistry. So if I were you, I would quickly assess my proficiency, then seek help ASAP from the school teachers to quickly get up to speed on my knowledge gaps (stuff that I have forgotten), and give it a shot at the exams. It’s going to be a slog to make it for the exams, but it’s worth the risk, especially since you have not too much to lose (having a B, as it is, already limits your options).

Just my 2 cents.


Eric Chng

(Senior Councilor: May 2013 - December 2020)

Answered On 27 February 2018