Massive Schools Merger Exercise: Our Government Messed Up Big Time

By Singapore Observer

Put aside the fact that the 8 junior colleges targeted in the upcoming merger exercise are decent neighborhood JCs though none being deemed elite institutions where ministers' children are schooled at, something is still amiss if you process the information a wee bit more thoroughly.

Eunoia JC officially commenced operations in 2017. Which meant before this, the Ministry would have had at least 16 years of birth rate and mortality rate statistical data prior to this period on record.

And it took them, from January 2017 to April 2017 to realize that they grossly over-estimated things? Falling birth rates? Who is the ministry trying to bullshit? Agonized over the closure? Give me a break.

To close down 4 JCs at one go and yet open a new one in 2017 is sheer terrible and bad planning!

The PAP government touted themselves as "visionaries" who could, well, reasonably envision Singapore's future and thus make anticipatory plans accordingly. But you are talking about information, statistics that were available since donkey years ago!

Birthrates do not plummet overnight! I don't recall any major famines, plagues or war that decimated huge numbers of people in the age group of 1-16, do you? In the past few years? Maybe SARS (cough - bullshit!) claimed some lives?

If you take Eunoia JC into account, then something is not right. Consider Innova JC which opened in 2005 and Pioneer a tad earlier in 1999, weren't these newer JCs built as a logical consequence of statistical predictions made about future student intakes in advance then?!

Therefore it is not difficult to hypothesize that "someone" either made a big mistake or the planning parameters established a long while ago took into consideration the relaxed immigrant policies up till the 2011 GE which forced the PAP government to pull the handbrakes in a bid to arrest the issue. Because the large shortfall in student numbers would be attributable to the offspring of newly minted permanent residents and citizens who no longer constitute part of the overall enrollment.

That the PAP government is reducing the primary, secondary and JC intakes is an obvious reflection of indigenous Singaporeans falling birth rates. But the PAP government is also increasing university intakes in anticipation of possibly relaxed entry criteria for foreign students and post grad foreign students. All in the hope that these foreign students would later decide to take up residence here, hence the continued construction of new flats, roads, rails and increased taxes to meet needs of a growing population-courtesy of importing many more folks from other countries.

6.9 milion is no longer just a planning parameter. It has already become a target - one that would perhaps be eventually adjusted upwards to 7 or even 9, 10 million.

You voted for PAP, you pay for their follies.

PAP had never failed to meet "expectations" - i.e. their one and only magic pill: to constantly open floodgates for foreigners.


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