2017 Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts' List of "Exotic" Public Studying Areas

Oh yes we know, a change of study environment on occasion can do wonders to a stagnated pace of revision by injecting a little excitement into the humdrum of routine. After all, we were also once students ourselves. Nothing a breath of fresh air can't fix. Well, whereabouts in the little red dot can you secure a cozy yet conducive piece of personal space to pore over your notes and stuff? This year we went "hunting" once again, and presented below is our humble list of suggested locations.

1. Asia Square Tower 1, Level 2

Come weekends when offices are shuttered in the Tanjong Pagar and Shenton Way districts, the area is virtually a ghost town. Don't be shy, head over to this particular building (Tower 1, not Tower 2 which houses the Westin Singapore Hotel) and spread yourself all over (not to be taken too literally though) the endless rows of empty chairs and tables which typically serve the bustling weekday lunch and dinner crowds in the sprawling dining arena. Oh, and if you are a fan of western cuisine served by the really affordable Astons, there is an outlet which opens daily till 9pm at night at the same level, even on Saturdays and Sundays. For your kind consideration when hunger pangs do kick in (hey intense studying does burn quite a fair bit of calories). Feeling delighted? Well you should be.

2. My Tampines Hub

Phase 1 of this ginormous integrated sports and lifestyle complex opened to the public late last year, and there are multiple venues scattered all over the basement and ground floor levels which will probably have you deliberating for a while over where exactly to set up base camp. Here are even more photos to demonstrate to you in no less clear terms what it means to be truly spoilt for choice.

And a super big plus: quite a few dining establishments including Pizza Hut are open 24/7, alongside a NTUC Fairprice storefront located at B1. You will never need be afraid of having to seek everywhere like a mad soul when running low on fumes.

3. Rochester Mall

A mere 5 minute walk from Buona Vista MRT station, this mall is styled after the great outdoors, and as such there is an abundance of greenery and artificial water bodies everywhere. Serenity is largely the order of any day. Plenty of sitting areas for public use are positioned at both the 1st and 2nd levels, so you will never find yourself having to jostle with others for real estate. Oh, because this mall is primarily an education hub, perhaps you might be able to take comfort in the fact that your bouts of revision can somewhat be construed as a subtle declaration of solidarity with the students attending tuition classes there.

4. Paragon Shopping Mall

Night owls, march over to Paragon Shopping Mall and plant your studious asses on these numerous brown-black rectangular cuboid objects which are scattered all over from B1 to the fifth level. All is good and silent after 10pm, where most shops have shuttered and the crowds thinned out almost completely. Yes without a doubt SPH REIT owns the property, but you can own the night with some constructive mugging.

If the brown and black combo just ain't your thing, you can always seek out the stretching white bench in front of the indoor children's playground at level 5. Note though Toys"R"Us is probably already closed by then, so if you wish to purchase a Power Rangers figurine to feel less lonely on subsequent study trips, come back another day.

Remember, always observe proper decorum when studying in these public areas; when you need to walk away, WALK AWAY. Being confrontational is pure stupidity. HAVE FUN, AND GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR TESTS/EXAMS!