Non Response To Request For Tutoring Profile Update Equals Permanent Deletion

To ensure parents possess up to date details about our expert tutors listed here, we encourage the tutors themselves to come forward and keep us apprised of specific changes in their profiles, such as that of personal contact information, tutoring website URL, tutoring status (eg full time to part-time), so on and so forth. On top of this, we conduct regular reviews of all profiles and e-mail those whom we discover to have expired/outdated information fields seeking clarifications. If one doesn't respond within a reasonable period of time (typically we allow for a month), his/her profile will be deleted permanently from the live site.

Case in Point: An email was dispatched to a particular tutor upon discovering his website URL was no longer working. We were only alerted to a change in his web address by an independent online surveillance asset. It turned out he had also started offering tuition agency services, which is very much against the spirit of what we stand for. Provided below was our final reply to him:

"Hi ZZZ,

We tried reaching out to you some time back requesting updates about your website address and teaching status, but received no response. As such, the management has placed your profile in cold storage. Kindly also note that ABCDEF Tuition which is currently owned by you runs contrary to the very intention of us not wishing to seek the services of tuition agencies. Therefore we do not wish to be associated with any such entities or derivatives of such entities.

Wishing you all the best in the new year."

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 9 January 2016