Bullying incident at Shuqun Secondary: Was the adjunct teacher hiding in a corner?

On 18 September 2015, a 52 second video clip of an alleged bullying classroom incident at Shuqun Secondary School was captured and posted online. It has since gone viral, and unsurprisingly many netizens have expressed outrage over what happened. A Facebook user Mr Keiun Lam in particular was rather confused about things and seeks answers:

"I'm puzzled whether:

1. The video was taken by the adjunct teacher or a student. If it was the latter, is the student being protected from 'getting everybody including the principal into trouble'? Yes everyone except the two being bullied. If the teacher was not the one taking the video then what was he doing? Taking cover under a table, hiding in a corner or just being oblivious to the kerfuffle. The teacher's inaction to the drama being played out in front of him was tantamount to encouraging the bullying act. The teacher was more of a culprit than the bully and the desk-top dancer. Some say those sitting around should stand up to speak for the the bullied. Yes I agree totally that we all should learn to stand up and speak up not only for oneself but for others. However the teacher should naturally be the first defender of justice in a classroom. Students pick up his/her cowardice more than whatever noble values he/she trying to preach or teach.

2. The school principal treated this saga as a significant cause for concern or was he/she at least relieved that the bully was exposed and an end can be put all these nonsense? As a genuinely compassionate educator you would not close one eye and pretend nothing has happened. Instead you should treat every trouble that comes along your way as an opportunity to do right a wrong. Easier said than done but such challenges should be welcomed.

3. Counselling works for such inappropriate classroom behaviour. In my opinion, counselling is more diplomatically correct than effective. Caning should be more appropriate in this case.

4. The parents of the bullied were aware of what their kids have been going through in school. It is highly likely that they belong to the silent majority who need the vocal minority to speak for them.

I hope each and every one of us learns something from this classroom bully incident."



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