NTU undergraduate: Meritocracy exists in Singapore

Those who fail to secure a place in a local university, is it because of the dilution of genuine meritocracy, or mere sour grapes abound? A NTU engineering undergraduate going by the online moniker of havok_ex uses his own current circumstances to demonstrate that you reap what you sow, and that meritocracy is still very much alive in the tiny red dot called Singapore:

" 1. Education in private universities in Singapore aren't that expensive. SMU school fees are actually costlier than fees charged by SIM-UOL.

2. To some, getting into local universities is difficult, but mind you, these are actually top universities. Compared to locals, it's even harder for a foreigner to get into local universities. Think about it. I myself got a CDD/C scoresheet for my 'A' Levels but still managed to secure a place in NTU engineering (and already I'm struggling quite a bit). Can you imagine if someone with an EEU/C grade profile got into a local university? Do you think he will be able to learn much when his foundations are weak? Or would he struggle even more terribly? As the saying goes in NTU, getting in is one thing, but getting out is a whole other story...

3. Say what you want, but to me this is meritocracy. Those who fail to recognize the importance of studying hard would end up complaining about elitism. Not to say that elitism does not exist, but anyone, yes anyone can study hard and get into a local university. I myself came from a financially poor family. My parents were only 'N' level graduates. But I studied hard to get into a local university.

4. The percentage of JC/polytechnic students attending local universities is definitely increasing. We now have 6 public universities and their intake numbers are soaring. But still, not a 100% will get in. Because there will always be weaker students with less than solid academic foundations. Letting them into universities here is akin to leading lambs to slaughter. The university itself cannot simply compromise its standing and lower its standards/requirements. Prospective students themselves must work hard to meet the bar."


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 31 March 2015


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