Retake H2 Chemistry and H2 Maths to apply for Engineering in university?

This query comes from a student:

Can I retake my 'A' Levels just to sit for H2 Maths and H2 Chemistry so that I can go to a university engineering course ,as I do not have H2 maths and H2 chemistry? Or should I withdraw from my JC and choose a polytechnic course instead? Also ,do local universities accept people who retake their 'A' Levels?

The Response:

To my understanding, local universities require you to sit for 3H2s in one sitting in order to consider the H2s for admission. You'll need to offer H2 Maths, Chemistry and one other subject in order to be considered for local university admission. Retaking only two H2s will not help you. However, the admission criteria for foreign universities might be different, and I encourage you to check with their admissions office on this.

If you want to go to a polytechnic, you have to ask yourself why you are doing so. I don't advise you to drop out just because you don't like what you are studying now. If you wish to drop out of JC because you strongly feel that polytechnic education is more relevant to your interests, then that's okay. Be sure to find out more about polytechnic education and whether it fits your interests.

Re-taking the 'A' Level exams is not a problem. Local universities will take the latest sitting in which you offer at least 3H2s and GP/KI and combine H1 subjects such as Mother Tongue and Project Work that are taken at earlier sittings.


Aaron Ng

(Councilor: December 2014 - December 2015)

Aaron Ng has since returned to NUS as a full time lecturer and is no longer active tutoring.

Answered On 13 February 2015