Ridiculous Tuition-Related Web Advertisements

The title pretty much says it all. Commentary has been added to explain why these ads suck (can you believe they were actually published?)-some are outrageously foolish , others plain discriminatory, not forgetting there are those who claim to be capable of handing your child success on a platter. Learn to spot the weeds, and sidestep them.

Ad Fail 1

Firstly, he shot himself in the foot with a serious grammatical mistake in the first sentence. 2012 precedes 2014 FYI, even a primary 1 kid knows that. You took your 'A' Levels in 2012, not taking your 'A' Levels in 2012.

Secondly, he attempted to portray various subjects in an untrue manner where simpletons can score just through routine regurgitation work. In so doing, he aims to put English/GP on the pedestal. Very unwise; no subject is above the rest.

Parents should know better than to approach this "tutor". (Note the quotation marks.)

Ad Fail 2

Weirdo alert: he teaches parents so that they can in turn coach their children.

(@ the tutor: why so troublesome??? You can't handle kids directly? Or are you skipping town, so planning to make a quick buck yet hoping to assuage your conscience?)

Ad Fail 3

Chocolates and tuition should never mix, ever. One is a luxury good, the other a good borne out of necessity. I just hate such cheap marketing ploys. Period.

Ad Fail 4

"I am very familiar with RI's maths syllabus. " So that's why he is only looking for RI students. Selective teaching by a semi-competent tutor (he only dares to "help" the better ones) is what this advertisement is all about. A big, big turn-off. This boy should be ashamed of his elitist father.

Ad Fail 5

"Wonder-Woman" sighted in town. She's so good .......oh yeah SO GOOD.

Ad Fail 6

Dangerous, misleading advertising tactics.

Results guaranteed? Nobody can even guarantee if it will rain tomorrow, let alone academic results.

Besides, the numbers don't add up. If results are guaranteed, shouldn't it be 100% of students have improved by at least a grade instead of only 80% ?