Declassified Document: Too Young Plus Bloated, Exaggerated Resume Equals Rejection.

This particular teen (identity kept anonymous) made an application early this year (in February 2013) to be listed on our platform. The fundamental reasons behind us not accepting her:

- Too young, and therefore too green.

- Just because she is helping out at her Alma Mater does not mean she can call herself a school teacher.

- She sounded like wonder-girl; being able to teach so much stuff at an advanced level. Even majority of seasoned educators only dare lay claim to being technically competent in one or at most two subjects. Big, big question mark here.

- She is one brave soul, applying even before the release of her A-level results. So confident she will do extremely well?

Reproduced below is the exact submission page we received:

Name: XXX

Schools Graduated From: Hwa Chong Institution (College), Cedar Girls' Secondary School, Kong Hwa Primary

Academic Qualifications: A Levels

Schools Currently Teaching/Taught At: Currently teaching at Hwa Chong Institution

Current Teaching Status: School Teacher

Subject(s) Specialty: Mathematics Physics, Chemistry (Upper Secondary and JC )

Website: None

Contact: Kept Private

Personal Write-Up:

Teaching has been my ambition as I am grateful to the teachers who have patiently guided me, and inspired me to want to contribute back to schools. I am not a fast-learner but my determination to clear all doubts enabled me to gain a good understanding of what I was studying. This aided me in teaching my peers as I was sure of my concepts and hence could employ analogies effectively to explain questions to them.

More often than not, many students give up quickly or even develop resistance to a particular subject because they are stuck at a particular topic or question. Therefore, I feel that teaching gives me an opportunity to provide my peers with a suitable approach to tackle the question which is encouraging to them as it shows that nothing is impossible even if it may appear to be initially. I am a self-motivated learner and enjoy using a myriad of learning methods such as watching Youtube tutorials, reading websites or downloading applets to suit my learning style. To me, a teacher should not only be responsible for teaching the students but also instill in them a passion for the subject, as it is only when one has a genuine interest in the subject that the learning is most meaningful and productive. Therefore, I want to use my experience to help students discover possible methods of learning which they have the most interest in, and encourage them to develop a positive attitude to studying. I also feel that a teacher should encourage students to ask questions, no matter how basic, as it is truly effective when one clears their doubts and regain confidence.

I will employ a variety of teaching methods, depending on which best suits the student. I can recommend useful videos or websites to facilitate the student's learning better. I also employ a lot of analogies usually which has helped me greatly in understanding difficult concepts. I will help the student overcome certain chapters that he/she may be particularly weaker in and help he/she identify the links between different chapters. I can use my personal experience to show the student techniques to solving common question types and thus be 'exam-smart'. Being a fresh A level graduate, I believe that I have the capability to tutor students in line with the syllabus and communicate concepts to them better, as I can provide them with a different teaching style from their teachers in school whom they may not understand well. Teaching in Hwa Chong Institution currently has shown me various teaching tools and provides me with the experience to educate my tutees.

Application Outcome: REJECTED

The Czar (Site Founder)

Document Declassified As Of 13 July 2013