Declassified Document: Incomplete Furnishing of Academic Certificates Equals Rejection.

This particular tutor (identity kept anonymous) made an application last year (in 2012) to be listed on our platform. Technically, we could have thrown his application out the window immediately on grounds of him having not furnished copies of all relevant academic certificates for vetting purposes. Still, we wrote back, prodding him gently to be more forthcoming.

However, he remained dodgy, providing fanciful excuses as to why he couldn't comply. He even tried distraction techniques by inserting a whole load of non-essential achievements (eg being a member of the Youth Flying Club-YOU GOING TO TEACH PEOPLE TO FLY???) and associations with plain vanilla teaching stints( no big deal that you helped out in your Alma Mater, but we sorta entertained him anyways). Remember, no adherence to submission rules, NO LOVE from us. Reproduced below is the exact e-mail correspondence:

Greetings XXX,

Thank you for your submission for a featured listing on Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts. While your tutoring site has been done up rather impressively, we have found the personal academic certifications part of your submission to be substantially incomplete. Therefore kindly submit scanned copies of the following for further vetting:

1. Official A Level Results Certificate
2. Official letter(s) acknowledging your teaching stints at XJC.

In addition, given that you have graduated from NUS FASS, please also indicate the classification of honours you have been awarded. Any other significant academic achievements attained during your course of study (be it in NUS or XJC) would help our team make a better, more informed final decision.

Thereafter, we will notify you accordingly if your application is a success.

Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts

His response:


With regards to the documents you require:

1) I do not have any letters from X Junior College, however, I did work for the Subject Head (Ms YYY)in the Humanities department. You could verify with her if there is a need to.

2) My A Level Results Certificate has been archived somewhere in my store since I graduated (I've been running my own business, never had the need to seek employment or apply for anything - thus never had to use it). If you really require it, I could provide you with it but you need to give me a few weeks as this period happens to be a very busy period in my life (setting up a new branch, exams are coming for the students + I'm getting married in December and there isn't really time for me to go search through my archives for my cert. But same thing, you could check with my Subject Head, Ms YYY for my grades for A Level Economics - which is of course an A - if not I won't have the cheek to be teaching the subject.

As for my time at FASS, I did not choose to pursue my Honours year not because I couldn't but because I didn't have to (I'm not seeking for employment outside because I was already running a few successful businesses at that point) and also the opportunity cost of doing my Honours year was too high - busy with work & business.

Other achievements that you may consider:

-Was a member of the Singapore Youth Flying Club where I learnt to pilot a plane during my JC days

-Was offered SAF Pilot Scholarship in 2007 (which I didn't sign -contract is due at home)

-Worked at X Junior College in 2007 & 2009

-Setup a Learning Portal for students in X Junior College while I was teaching there

-Gave talks in X Junior College to the entire cohort with regards to how to deal with examinations, passing scholarship interviews and how to be focused.

Application Outcome: REJECTED

The Czar (Site Founder)

Document Declassified As Of 5 July 2013