Poor PSLE grades: Boys need to fall in order to climb higher mountains.

Poor PSLE grades: Boys need to fall in order to climb higher mountains.

Over at Kiasu Parents Forum, 33mama who has gone through a rough patch with her son gives hope to another silently devastated parent. Reproduced below are her exact (unedited) words:

"Hi XXX,

I shared the same feeling as you.

My son took PSLE last year. Both of us were looking at a 245 score so that he could go to a school which is just walking distance from my home. We both worked hard together since June till PSLE. Toil together mother and son. Through tough times when there were so many tough maths questions. Through happy times when we laughed it out. We had high hopes... very very high hopes. When he first saw his results slip, he shook his head. When he showed me, I had the same feeling as what you felt now. I really could not take the results-218. It hit me hard.... Really really need some time to compose myself...

Now... my son is in sec1... happy boy. But looking back, I think the time I spent with him together (taking so many days of leave just to coach, teach, accompany him, cook his favorite food, etc.), those were the times as a parent, I went through the first major milestone of my son's life with him. Looking back now, I am still very happy. Though I still feel that little bit of pain... What I told him now is...

1) this is but your first milestone in life.... there is a 2nd... that is 'O' levels... Told him he had to work hard for himself... boys need to fall in order to climb higher mountains...

2) as parent -after going through my eldest son's first psle, I really really realised this...our role is not to let our kids fulfill our dreams...our role is to maximise their potential.

Hope by sharing this with you, it helps. Next year this time, PSLE will be truly history for him. Ask him to cast a good 'O' levels history for himself. Look forward to the next milestone of his life. "

Bless her soul for granting us permission to share this.