Georgia Institute of Technology,

Nanyang Technological University (NTU),

Hwa Chong Junior College,

The Chinese High School (now HCI)

MSc(Electrical & Computer Engineering)- Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and Georgia-Tech Lorraine (France),

BEng (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) - 1st Class Honours, Valedictorian, Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal, IES Gold Medal, NTU President Research Scholar, Dean's List for all 3 years, completed 4-year undergraduate programme in 3 years (2007-2010),

Straight As for 'O' and 'A' levels

Full time private tutor

'A' Level H2 F Maths Tuition,

'A' Level H1/H2 Maths Tuition,

'A' Level H1/H2 Physics Tuition,

'O' Level A/E Maths Tuition,

'O' Level Physics Tuition


Let me start by saying that my sterling academic credentials belie my academic struggles in my teenage years. I was a disinterested student and never the brightest in class either. I could still remember my Additional Mathematics grade for the Secondary 3 Final Examinations: F9. The other subjects were not much better. But in Secondary 4, I made a personal commitment to "crack the code" of acing examinations, and the rest, as they say, was history.

I know, first-hand, the feeling when you do not understand a single word that the teacher is saying in class, but fortunately I also know how to do exceptionally well in the end despite being in that initial predicament. My personal experiences tell me one thing: you don’t have to be the smartest or the most hardworking in class, but if you work sufficiently hard in the right direction, you will achieve what you want. My personal journey and over 6 years of teaching experience have allowed me to help many students find that right direction and to acquire lifelong learning skills.

Here's my teaching method: I first guide my students towards a deep understanding of the concepts by introducing increasingly thought-provoking questions and dropping hints along the way. I do not believe in spoon-feeding as this leads to laziness and a superficial understanding of the concepts, which translates to a loss of interest in the subject and poorer grades. I teach my students to study smart, and to practise my "understand more, memorize less" philosophy. Sudden improvements of grades are not at all uncommon; I have had students who went from a D7 to an A2 in the span of a month, as though a light bulb in them was suddenly switched on.

Lastly, like all dedicated educators, I teach with one ultimate purpose in mind: to see the gleam in my students’ eyes as they achieve their personal and academic goals.