Better Believe It......Because They Actually Happen(ed) Collection 23

School hit by mass hysteria appeals for help

By Syed Azhar

KOTA BARU: The principal of the school that was hit by mass hysteria is appealing for professional help to resolve the situation.

Speaking at a press conference here Thursday, Siti Hawa Mat said the studies of students of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2 were disrupted, and her administration was at wits' end to find a way to rid the school of “bad spirits”.

"We had to close the school today (Thursday). To date, we have more than eight ustaz and bomoh to help us chase away spirits that are said to be in the school compound," she said.

Since Monday, more than 100 students and teachers were hit by hysteria.

She added that the school closure was needed to keep the students away to enable the bomoh and ustaz to perform prayers before reopening the school on Sunday.

Full story at The Star Online (April 2016)

Dental student burns to death after arriving late for exam

The pressure of medical school is world renowned - and one dental student in Pakistan may have succumbed to it in the most violent way.

Abdul Basit, who was in his final year at Hamdard University in Karachi, died early Tuesday morning from burns he suffered after reportedly setting himself on fire because he was unable to sit an exam he failed seven times before.

He was apparently late after his car broke down.

Distraught over this rejection, the university says he doused himself in petrol and lit himself on fire. He died at a nearby hospital with burns over 95 percent of his body.

The student was denied entry because he reached the venue 30 minutes late, university principal Dr Usman Ghani Khan told ARY News.

Full story at RT (April 2016)

'World's Meanest Mom' puts daughter's truck on Craigslist

'World's Meanest Mom' puts daughter's truck on Craigslist

By Lou Raguse

ALMELUND, Minn. - The "World's Meanest Mom" is selling her 15-year-old daughter's truck on Craigslist to teach her a lesson.

Amy Adams writes in the Craigslist ad, which was posted Tuesday, the reason she's selling the truck -- or what she calls "every teenage kid's dream vehicle" is because her daughter has "decided that her grades don't matter, that she can disrespect myself and her siblings on a daily basis, and that she has the right to skip school and run away from home."

Adams writes the title of the vehicle is in her name so she's selling the 1998 Dodge Ram for $2,750.

"She was on her 'one more chance and the truck was getting sold.' And she blew that 'one more chance' on Monday when she decided to skip school," Adams said.

The ad continues to say, she's willing to sell it back to the original owner but with certain conditions.

The ad drips with sarcasm, but Adams says it's also drenched with truth -- challenging the idea that parents need to act as friends.

"Where's that going to leave them five years from now, 10 years from now, when they're walking around disrespecting the wrong people?" Adams said.

Adams says she received more than 400 responses to the ad.

"Over half of them were other parents saying, hey, high five," Adams said.

Full story at Kare 11 (April 2016)

A Police Officer In This School Allegedly Choked And Body-Slammed Kids

The school resource officer was not trained on how to work with children.

A new lawsuit against a Texas school district accuses a school resource officer of assaulting children who were 6, 12 and 15 years old. Michael H via Getty Images

By Rebecca Klein

School resource officers — police officers who are stationed in schools — are increasingly under scrutiny for their harsh practices.

There have been a number of recent, high-profile examples of SRO misbehavior, starting with an October incident at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina — in which an officer threw and dragged a student across the floor. In March, a school police officer was placed on leave after a video showed him repeatedly slapping a student. In April, a Texas school resource officer was fired after getting caught on camera body-slamming a 12-year-old.

Now, a group of Texas parents are hoping to receive justice for another school resource officer’s alleged violence.

In late April, the parents of three children filed a lawsuit against the Abilene School District in Texas, as well as against an individual school resource officer named Barry Bond. The lawsuit details three incidents in which the school resource officer allegedly physically assaulted three children, ages 6, 12 and 15. The lawsuit says the officer violated the children’s rights by using excessive and unreasonable force and unjustified seizures.

In the first case, the officer allegedly grabbed a 6-year-old — who was in kindergarten and weighed about 45 pounds — and twisted the child’s arms behind his back. The officer then lifted the child off the ground “by grabbing his arms, which were still twisted behind his back, and carried him into the classroom,” says the lawsuit. The child had been resisting going into the classroom and separating from his mother. The maneuver used by the officer “is a ‘pain compliance’ technique that peace officers are trained to use to force dangerous, physically resisting adults into submission,” says the lawsuit. Once in the classroom, the officer slammed the child’s face onto a desk, causing his head to bleed.

In the second case, the officer allegedly used a chokehold to restrain a 12-year-old student. The student had been walking in the hallway and looking for the school’s assistant principal after a teacher made a comment that upset him. The chokehold caused the student to lose consciousness. The officer was suspended from his job for three days a result of the incident, but soon returned to school.

In the third case, the lawsuit says the officer body-slammed a 15-year-old after the student tried to walk out of the school. The student had been upset when a teacher yelled at him. The officer also slammed the student’s face into a concrete wall. The student was left with cuts on his face, swollen wrists, a limp and a scar that is still visible.

All victims suffered from physical and emotional trauma after the incidents. The plaintiffs are blaming the school district and the city’s police department for not training Bond on how to work with children and not removing him from his post after learning of the questionable conduct.

Full story at Huffington Post (May 2016)

Riot police deployed as teachers in central China stage protest over unpaid wages

By Laura Zhou

More than 1,000 teachers protested in front of a government headquarters in central China alleging that their full salaries and benefits had not been paid.

The protest started on Tuesday after teachers from a county in Hengyang in Hunan province claimed the local government had failed to pay their full wages, subsidies and social welfare insurance contributions, the news website reported.

Videos and photographs circulated online showed uniformed police officers with riot shields stationed in front the county government headquarters.

“We want a life”, “we want our salaries,” “we want to defend our rights”, teachers shouted or demanded on banners, a video of the protest showed.

Scuffles broke out between police and protesters, but no one was injured, the report said.

Many teachers travelled from towns and villages around Hengyang county to attend the protest, according to the article.

A protestor claimed staff had been docked wages and social insurance contributions for over 20 years, while some had also been overcharged for other administration fees.

Another protestor accused the local government of spending too much money on high-profile vanity projects instead of paying basic salaries to teachers.

The teachers said in an open letter that they were struggling to make ends meet with rising inflation.

Full story at South China Morning Post (May 2016)